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Rightline Gear Center Console Trash Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Gear Center Console Trash Bag

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Rightline Gear Center Console Trash Bag. We have a Jeep Wrangler right here, and pretty much what this is going to do, it's just going to go around your center console and sit in the back by the back bench seat, just to be able to put some of that trash and stuff. And really all you got to do is just undo this here. Put it around your center console when it's open. And then, slide it all the way down, close it.

And you can grab this little strap here just to keep it in place.I just recently went on a trip and what I did was, we went to a fast food restaurant and I took a bag like this and just put it in the back just to collect trash over time because, I had a lot of people in the car and that accumulates a lot of trash. But the bad thing about this was when I took turns, it started to tip over everything fell out. I didn't necessarily love that. So with the Rightline Gear Trash Bag, it's not going to tip over, which is nice. And also for the more wet items that you may throw in there, whether it's just baby wipes, a diaper, or even just a drink that might have a little bit more water in it.

So with this, it's not going to leak or anything like that. It's not going to fall over, which is nice. So you can go ahead and just pretty much just stack it all up. And it's fantastic.The nice thing about it though is, we don't really have to use a liner. It is going to be waterproof, so it will hold some of that water in there.

But whenever we're done, just go ahead and just rinse it off. And it's really easy to access just from back here. So if I'm just driving and I get done with some candy, I can keep my hand on the wheel and still look forward and clean up my car while I'm driving, which is really nice. Also for the kiddos sitting in the back, we're going to have a really, really good spot. And I really like the idea of just having the kids pick up after themselves, just so they understand the work that it takes to do so.

And with this, it's not going to take a whole lot, so maybe they'll clean up a little bit more often.And when you have some of those diapers or maybe just some food that you don't necessarily like the smell of it, we can actually contain all of the smells just by taking this little portion here, holding it tight. And that draw string is going to seal up the top as best as it can just to keep some of that smell inside the bag.All in all, I've definitely used something like the Rightline Gear Center Console Trash Bag before, but usually it looks more so like this. Honestly, I really like the idea of having something all the time, because sometimes I can't find a bag like this. With this, pretty much every single time you get out of your car, just grab it, empty it out, wipe it out or spray it out if you need to. But I definitely think that this is probably the best route to go. Because one, these fill up pretty quickly, they roll all around and I can fit a lot of different little bags like this in there, because this is a lot bigger than you really think. You can put a lot of stuff in here. It's about 11 and 3/4 inches wide, and about 16 inches tall.All in all, if you guys have any other ideas to put this somewhere, I would use it on my side by side, especially when I'm driving around the property. I see some trash, I'll throw it in there, but I can't throw it in the back because it'll fly out. With this, I'll just pull the draw string and I can clean up my property too. So it's not just for center console's, you can use it for pretty much anything.Again, I'm Adam with etrailer and this was the Rightline Gear Center Console Trash Bag.

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