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Rightline Gear Air Mattress Review

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Review of the Rightline Gear Air Mattress

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we'll be checking out this Rightline air mattress. So, it's gonna be for SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and even Jeep Wranglers. Let's check it out. It's gonna be an air mattress that fits in the back of your vehicle. And you can see it fits just fine in the back of our SUV today.

It's gonna be great for car camping if you just don't wanna bring a tent. You're just gonna stay one night. You can sleep in the back of your car with the hatch open. Or on those long trips, you need to pull over and sleep somewhere, you can do that too. It's far better than sleeping on the cargo area of your vehicle.

Taking a closer look at the mattress, it's gonna have a flocked top. So, it has a textured, or a soft texture at the top of the mattress that feels pretty good. It's not just the PVC you see on the sides. The PVC is great though, to help protect the mattress from getting snagged or getting ripped, so that you don't have any air that escapes. It's even reinforced here on the seams on the top and the bottom.

So, that's good that they thought of that. Another thing would be it has O-beam support on the inside that's gonna help that from transferring if its two adults. So, if one's shifting and turning overnight, it's gonna help with that. It doesn't completely eliminate it, but you're not gonna feel every little movement if somebody else is on the mattress too. Comes with its own pump included.

So, I really like that fact that I don't have to try and use my breath right here on the mouth valve to try and fill this up. That's gonna take a long time. This does it in under a minute. Completely fills it with air. So, it's really easy to use too. Just plugs into your 12 volt, wherever that is. Ours is here in the back. There was one up front too. You probably have a few of them in your vehicle that just easily plug this in and get it started. You can also use it to deflate the mattress, so it can suck all the air out of there. That way, you can fold it up and put it away quickly. I like that cause it keeps everything together. Even the pump is in here. So, I don't have to go looking for where the pump, where I put that separate from the mattress. It's all in this bag. And wherever I set it, it's gonna be ready to go whenever I need it. To get it set up, just gonna take it out of the bag and look for the pump and the accessories in there. I'm gonna set those aside for just now. And then we'll pull the mattress out. Now, set the bag aside. Just roll it out to get the layout in the back of your SUV or your vehicle before we air it up. Looks like we're gonna flip it around. You definitely want this softer end facing up. That's what you're gonna be laying on is this portion here. So, we'll have that. Spread it out, like I said, here in the back. And then our back seat's pulled down too just to make room for the mattress. I'll hop up front and do some adjusting there. To help with the layout, just wanna point out that the T-shape should go towards the front of the vehicle. So, you can see how the flaps come out on the side a little bit longer than the main portion of the mattress. That's just so you know it's facing the right way. Looking at the pump, just wanna point out there's gonna be the deflate portion. So, you'll hook up your attachments here to quickly get the air out of your mattress. So, you can pack it up. So, you don't have to wait and push on it to get all that air to come out. And we have the inflate valve here and that's where we're gonna put our attachment on to put air into the mattress. You're gonna need a power source. So, look around your vehicle. Most have them in the second row. Definitely one by the driver. We have one here in the back. So, we're just gonna plug it in there. Already attached the accessory we need to put air into the mattress. So, we'll come down here. Now, it does have a valve that you can try and blow it up. If you think the pump's broken, you can use your mouth to try and do that. That's gonna take some time for this mattress. So, we're just gonna stick with the pump. Undo the cap. Make sure you push it through. It's gonna open that little door on the other side. You see the red tab in there. So, you make sure that fits as it's supposed to and then turn on the pump. Gonna start my stopwatch and start inflating the mattress. With the timer going, it took under a minute to get this fully inflated. So, I like that you don't have to sit around and hold the pump, and just wait for this thing, and inflate all day. As far as finding the right fit, that adjustment we made, I slid these seats forward and was able to pull this in a little bit more as you can see. That way, it avoids that threshold. And I can pull it up even more just to shut the back hatch and then it rested into place. This is a better look at the adjustment I had to make with these seats. You see they're pushed all the way forward. Originally, they we're back a little bit more. So, then the mattress came closer to there. So, then we we're able to adjust it and get that room. Now, another thing you might have to do is to pull it in a little bit and close that hatch. And then you can push the mattress back down and it rests into place. I pushed the mattress up towards the seat there. That way, I can close the hatch. It's nowhere near the latch. So, I'm not worried about it. Let's close the down. And now, I can push the mattress down into place. I got to sit on this for a little bit and check it out. It is comfortable. I do not feel the floor as much as I thought I would on an air mattress. It's still not perfect like a mattress at home, but it's better than sleeping in the chair or on the cargo area of the vehicle itself. With the fitment wise, what we have set up here, towards the front, probably can't lay that way just because there's not really ground it's sitting on. But your feet can go there just fine because they're just gonna rest right there. It's not gonna push it down. So, I would probably lay with my head in this area. Plenty of room for a pillow to take a nap. Now, I'm done using the air mattress. Time to get the air out of there. So, we're gonna use the deflator here. Use this portion of the pump this time. Again, it's labeled so just look at that. We will hook it up at the same spot that we did to inflate it. Now, hit the pump. That was pretty quick and it's very deflated. I didn't have to push down at any portion to help the air out. You know how sometimes you're trying to do it yourself. You have to push around and try and help that air out of there. I just let the pump do all the work. And now, it's gonna be easy to fold it up and put it back in this bag. We put the cap back on and then fold up the mattress. It seems like there is a little bit of air still trapped in there when I went to go fold it over. So, why not use the pump to go ahead and get the rest out That works really well. Now, we can put it in the bag. Overall, I think the air mattress is a good thing to have if you go car camping quite a bit. Or just in case you take long road trips, you wanna stop somewhere to take a nap, you have this built-in, you can do that and go on your way. It was really easy to set up. It only took under a minute to completely inflate it. So, it's not like you have to take a lot of time to set it up or also break it back down and put it back in its bag. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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