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Rightline Edge Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Edge Rooftop Cargo Bag

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rightline Edge Rooftop Cargo Bag. This offers 15 cubic feet of storage space and is weatherproof. The Part Number on it RL100E20. The tough weatherproof's PVC material helps to keep our cargo clean and dry. It's reinforced with a nylon mesh. This is going to help resist any tears that may come from outside forces.

The fabric also have a UPF rating of 50 that helps tho block UV rays. That's going to help prevent fading over time. We've got a zipper seam that runs all the way around. It goes all the way across the back as you can see and all the way back up our passenger side. It's solid in the front so we don't have to worry about our upper cover being misplaced or anything like that.

It's always going to be attached to our bag while we still have very easy access for loading. Now each seam has been welded all the way around the bag as well. We're not going to have to worry about moisture getting in. Now that we've got some gear loaded up, let's go over a few additional features. As you can see, we've got a nice protective flap that covers our zipper all the way around. This will close by the hook and loop closures here on each side, can easily be rolled up out of the way for access to our zipper. Each zipper has a large hole in it.

That's going to allow us to easily lock this up. We recommend using a Master Lock. Part Number on our website is 131D. The bag offers very versatile installation. Today, we've mounted it on a roof rack system that has cross rails on it.

Now what we've done is we've just brought our side straps here and connected them onto our side rail connection point and then for our straps that run from the front to the back, we've simply wrapped them around our cross bars. Bring it up and we've just pulled the slack out of it right there using our strap. Now anytime we're running straps around the bags, we do want them to go through the D-loops. That's going to help hold that positioning from left to right. Another option that we have if we're using them on naked roof is to take our two side straps, connect those together. Take the two straps running front to back, connect those together and then we can use two large straps that will go all the way over the top of the bag through the D-loops and then end through the car. If you don't want the straps running in through your car, we can simply use our loop here at the end and we can attach on the car clips. That Part Number is RL100600 on our website. We're not going to take it to the tests courts. You can see what it looks like in action. We'll start by going through our slalom. This shows us the side-to-side movement. We'll then go through our alternating bumps and our solid speed bumps so you can see what it looks like when it's being jostled around. The cargo bag comes with a draw string sack to help store it. Offers a 1-year warranty. That's going to complete today's look at the right line edge. Part Number RL100E20. .