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Rhino-Rack RT Style Roof Rack System Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack RT Style Roof Rack System

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Rhino-Rack RT-Style Roof Rack System with our aero bars. First thing you wanna do on our website, in the center at the very top, there's gonna be a fit guide. Just take your vehicles year, make, and model, and put it in there. And that's gonna show you all the options you have for roof rack systems and other accessories we carry on our website. There are two different types of roof rack systems you can put on a naked roof. Typically, what you see is with normal vehicles, unlike vans, is we have these little clamps that go in the door jams, but since we have this it's preventing us from doing that.

So that's why the tracks are gonna be in that fit guide, whenever you put at that vehicle in I really like the track system, just because it gives you the ability to slide these around. When it comes to the other style clamp naked roof sets that you may be seeing, we're kind of limited to where we need to put them. Half the time in the instructions, it tells you to put it in a specific spot and you're kind of limited there. With this, we have 66-inches of track so we can slide these around to accommodate all of our accessories. If you're deciding between the two different types of naked roof kits, this is the best in my opinion because naked roof styles with the clamps take so long to take off.

With this, you just need a key. You just need to pull these in, pushing forward and look at that. We can take this off in a matter of seconds which is gonna be really nice if you don't really like to have the bars up there and we can either keep these in here, loosen 'em, slide 'em out, or I'd rather just put that little cap on there, so it's ready to rip for next time. And it's just as easy to put it back into place. In my opinion, after messing with this thing for a while this thing is absolutely amazing 'cause I just want to get to the bike trail.

I just wanna get to the water, blah, blah, blah. Look at that, done. Aero bars are great because it's a pretty standard size so all of your clamp around accessories are gonna work with it. But, the cool thing about this is we have a little slot right here. So for T-track accessories, a lot of the times with T-tracks well one, it's nice 'cause it's not as bulky underneath.

It looks a little bit more clean, but it is gonna keep some of that height down with some of your other accessories. So with the aero bars you are it two different options when it comes to that. So that really leaves all your options open, which I like. But one thing you do wanna do whenever we find a place for your accessory to sit, we're gonna cut that little section out and then fill the rest in just to keep the wind noise to a minimum. For the clamp around accessories, if those have locking capabilities, definitely get those just because someone could take it off if it didn't have a lock on it. But if you do use the T-slots, the nice thing about it is look at the shape, that is very unique. If you don't have this key I have tried to get it unlocked and it's very very hard and you end up just destroying this cap. So definitely keep this special key. So that's gonna help us lock all of our T-slot accessories to the roof. I really like that 'cause you don't really need to get a locking accessory if you are using the T-slots because you're gonna need this special tool to get to it. It also does come with locking cores. Some roof rack systems don't come with locking cores. This one does so you don't have to shop for more stuff. And I really like that. You can, if you do have some other type of Rhino-Rack accessories. This is a 001 locking core but we can match those all up together just so we don't have to have a bunch of different keys. With this specific kit, it does come with a larger capacity than some of the other standard clamp-on style naked roof racks, but always check your vehicle's owner manual 'cause typically the roofs can't really handle near as much weight as the roof rack system. So that's the case for here. We can load this thing up completely and we're not gonna overload the bars but we might overload our roof. So definitely either call your manufacturer or look in that owner's manual to find that number, so we're not stressing out our car too much. We're gonna have two different types of track kits for your vehicle. I think I like the Rhino-Rack better. I think it looks a little bit more sleeker compared to the Thule and it is the more cost-effective version as well. And it is a little bit quicker to take these bars off and also adjust them. So if you want my opinion, Rhino-Rack is the way to go but you can look at the Thule's. I just personally will have these on my vehicle if you see me driving around. And that'll do it for a look at the Rhino-Rack RT-style Roof Rack Track aero bar system..

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