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Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack Installation - 2019 Chevrolet Equinox

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How to Install the Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack on a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox

Today on our 2019 Chevrolet Equinox, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Rhino-Rack Roof Rack System for naked roofs that's available in black and in silver. What I really like about a roof rack is that it has that OEM look to it. The bars are going to stop at the feet and be a nice flush look to it rather than those bars that are going to hang over and give you that overhang. But, they're still going to give us plenty of real estate to add any of our favorite accessories whether it's a bike rack, a cargo box, or even a kayak carrier. Whether we're going camping and we need a lot of gear, we have a bunch of passengers or pets inside of our vehicle, a roof rack is going to be a good way to move all that gear from the inside and put it right on top of our roof.Our Rhino-Rack Roof Rack System is going to make it easy for us to get all that gear on top of our Equinox even without having those factory side rails. The way it's going to do that is it's going to have this clamp system that's going to clamp onto our bar and come down and grab the edge of the door sill.

Now, it is rubber-coated, so we're not going to have to worry about any kind of scratches or abrasions on our door jamb. Where the foot pack makes contact with our roof, you can see that it's going to contour all the lines perfectly so it's going to have a nice secure hold and it's also going to have this rubber pad one, to help it secure it down, but also make sure it doesn't scratch the paint.On the end of the foot pack here, we'll have a metal lock core. Our roof rack is going to come keyed alike with two different keys so that you can make sure that our roof rack is secure and nobody can tamper with it. If we take off the door, it will expose the nut to remove the roof rack.Now, the bars themselves are going to be an elliptical shape, be a real low profile, which is going to cut down on that wind noise and drag which is commonly associated with crossbars. On the top of our crossbar, we're going to have this rubber strip.

That's not only going to help out cut down that wind noise and drag when we're driving down the road, but it's also going to give us a secure spot to grab onto when we mount our accessories. Now, we can remove this strip if we pull it out, and that will expose the t-track on top. We can use any of our favorite t-track accessories and we can cut the rubber strip to length.Now, our roof rack is going to be rated up to 165 pounds, but you always want to double check your Equinox's owners manual 'cause you never want to exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight.Now that we've seen what our roof rack looks like on our Equinox and gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed. We already got the first bar in place. Let's go ahead and put the second one on together.

We're going to go ahead and grab our crossbar. Now, the feet are already going to be attached to the bar itself and they are going to be labeled.Now, the end here, you'll notice that the foot's going to have this pivoting section. We're going to grab the rubber pad that's in our kit and these are all going to be labeled and numbered. We're going to make sure you grab the appropriate one and they all have an arrow. You want the arrow pointing away or towards the outside.

We'll place it on top of the foot. We're just going to press it in place until it's nice and secure on there.Then, if we move to the bottom, you'll see there's going to be this little square with a threaded hole in it. On the outside, we'll have the bolt. We'll want to loosen this up and remove it. You want to make sure that little threaded section doesn't pop out the back. I'll grab our clamp. Now, these are going to be labeled as well. Again, you'll want to double check your instructions and make sure you find the appropriate clamp.We'll take our clamp and that hole in the top, we'll pass our bolt through. We're going to line it up with the hole that's on our bar and very loosely, we're just going to get this threaded in there, just enough to where that bolt will thread down a couple times and we can still move this clamp pretty freely. Now, we're going to repeat this whole process over on the other side of our bar as well.Next, you want to make sure you open the doors on both sides of your Equinox. We're going to very loosely place our crossbar onto our roof, and then we're going to take a few measurements. Now, when we find the measurement that we need, we're going to be measuring from the center of our front bar to the center of our rear bar. Again, you're going to want to double-check your instructions and it will give you a measurement. We'll move one side to where it's really close to where we need it to be and we'll move the other side and make sure it's nice and square.Now, I'm going to take the included tightening tool and I'm going to start tightening up that bolt that we removed earlier. Now, I'm only going to tighten it up until this clamp makes contact right here at the bottom of my door sill. Then, I'm going to go to the other side and start tightening that up until it makes contact. Once we have our roof rack snug on our roof, we can come back and we'll alternate going side to side. Whenever we tighten this, you'll notice it's got a small curve in the tool. Whenever we've reached the torque we need or tightening it up, once that piece starts to straighten out, we know we've reached the torque we need and we can go to the other side.Our final step is to take the door and slide it into the notch and we can take our key. With the roof rack in place, we can load up our favorite accessory and hit the road. That will finish up your look at the Rhino-Rack Roof Rack System for naked roofs on our 2019 Chevrolet Equinox.

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