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Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2013 Ford Focus

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Review of the Rhino Rack Roof Rack on a 2013 Ford Focus

Today on our 2013 Ford Focus, we're doing a test fit of Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar. The crossbars are RRVA126B-2. The footpads, sorry the legs series is RRRLKVA and the pads and clamps are DK307. We already have the first one on, now I'm going to show you how to install the second one. Let's bring our table in. What we have here is we our crossbar, we have our legs, and we have our pad and clamp also. I'm going to show you how we put the other one on. Per instructions on the Ford Focus, here, we're going to have our inside at 14.9.

I see it there so I'm going to slide our leg in. All it is a little grove, a little washer that fits in a little T-slot. Slide it in like so. Just got to make sure it's straight. There we go.

Bring it up to 14.9. When you got it there, the Allen bolt here, just tighten it up like so. Got that nice and snug, now we're going to have our leg point arrows point out, so we're going to have the same thing with our rubber. Put that on there. We'll put on a clamp.

All we do is just back the Allen bolt out here, put on our clamp, and just put it back in the same spot. Just want to get it started so now we can put it on our vehicle. Take our end cap, put that on too. Now, I'm going to open the doors. Just to let you know, the first measurement on our first one, we go from the center of our cross bar to here and that was 27.5. Now we're going to go from here to the middle of that one also.

That's going to be 72 centimeters, I'm sorry, that's all in centimeters. Easy adjust it, just wanted to get it on there. Let's go ahead and take a measurement. Slide this all out the way. We're going to go from 72 centimeters from the center of here to there and we have a quite a - We need to move it some more. Move it down. Move the other one also, so we can keep it going. Almost there. Little bit too far. There we go. Now, we're going to just tighten it down, just a little bit, on this side. That plate in that order. This tube comes with your Rhino Rack roofing system and this bar here, it has a little curve on it. When it actually goes straight that's pretty much tightened as you want it to go. You don't want it to go too tight. We started here, now we're going to go on the other side, do the same. Like I said 72 centimeters from the center of that crossbar to this one. This one this way. We have that there, now we're going to start tightening up on this side. Like I said, we just want to go back and forth. Tighten it up until we get it all snug. Then we'll go back on the other side. With the Rhino Rack Roofing System, you also have all the Rhino Rack accessories you can find on our web page, There's bike racks, cargo carriers, also ski and snowboard carriers. Like I said, just keep going until we get it nice and snug. Pretty much want to make sure when this goes straight, you know it's nice and snug. We'll go back on this side. See Pretty much, there it is, about right there. That's one's pretty much done. Shut that door. Go on this side, should be a couple more turns. That's all snug. Now we can put our end caps on. Put our clamps on just put it in the little slot there. Has a key for your anti-theft so lock it up. This also has a key for your aero bars. Lock those up also. Got that locked up. Now we can hit the road. That's going to be the look at our Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Bars Roofing System on our 2013 Ford Focus. .

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