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Rhino-Rack Ratchet Grab Tie-Down Strap Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Ratchet Grab Tie-Down Strap

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino-Rack Ratchet Grab Tie-Down Strap, for Rhino-Rack Aero Bars. Part number RRSRG. Secure loads of all shapes and sizes on your roof rack system, with the Rhino-Rack Ratchet Grab Tie-Down Strap. It simply attaches to your roof rack's channel with the included hardware. The vinyl coated S-hook, help secure your loads. The strap itself, is constructed out of a durable cross-stitched webbing. It's 78" inches long, so you can secure taller or larger loads. The Ratchet itself, is made out of stainless steel construction, so it's going to stand up to the elements for a long time.

It features a limited life-time warranty. Let's go ahead and show you how easy it is to install. First thing we can do, is go ahead and remove our end cap from our cross-bar. Now, ordinarily, you would trim and cut your rubber strips here to fit around your Ratchet. But, for demonstration purposes, we're just going to go ahead and take those out. Now, we are just about ready to slide it on. Let's go ahead and open up our Ratchet.

To open it up all the way, we can squeeze the lever here, to open it up flat, and we need to remove this bolt here. We can disregard it, as we do not need it for this system here. We need to make sure that our 2 bolts here, are loosened up. That way we can easily slide the plates on, into our channel. I've already got it loosened up. Let's go ahead and do that.

We just need to make sure and get them lined up, as we slide it on. Then we can slide it on to our desired position. We will slide that to the other side, because when our strap comes out, it's going to come out and go over our cargo. We'll just push it all the way down to the other end, and now we can tighten it down. Once we get it where we want it, we can tighten it down, with our included tool. The tool has a unique security feature. It'll only work with these bolts.

That way no one can use a different tool to get into our system, or to remove it. Now, there's no reason to over-tighten. Just tighten them just enough to where the lock washer is flattened out. Now, we can install our strap. We'll take the end, without the hook, and we can go ahead and bring up our Ratchet. We will squeeze it, same way as we did before, to get it where it needs to be. We're going to feed out strap up through here. Once I get enough through, I'm going to come back through the front. That way, when our strap is over our load, we'll pull it nice and tight. Then we can begin ratcheting it down. You'll of course want to have something to hook it to. We suggest using the Rhino-Rack Tie-Down Eye bolts. You can pick up 2 with part number S604. They're very easy to use. All you have to do, is slide it into the channel here. Be sure that the flat washer is on top. We'll position it where we want it, and then we can just tighten it down. Now, let's load up some cargo. I've got my ladder here. I'm just going to slide it on, in the center. Once our cargo is in place, we can grab our hook. Go over our cargo. Then, we can pull it nice and tight on this side, and start to ratchet it down. You can see how it's going to tight down our cargo, and it's not going anywhere. I'll just bundle up our excess strap here. Then we are ready to hit the road. Now, if you'd like to, for the rear, you can pick up the same system, with the same part number, or you could just use your favorite set of straps. That's going to complete our look. The Rhino-Racket Ratchet Grab Tie-Down Strap for Rhino-Rack Crossbars. Part number RR6RG.

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Michael H.
Will these fit in a thule evo aero bar?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@MichaelH Yes they will fit, but they will be tight

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