Rhino-Rack Padded Cam Buckle Cinch Straps Review

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Review of the Rhino Rack Padded Cam Buckle Cinch Straps

Today we'll be taken a quick look at the Rhino Rack cinch straps with a padded cam buckles. Part number RTD 30S. This part number comes with two strap. They have a safe working load limit of a 165 pounds, a maximum of brake strength of 496 pounds. The strap dimensions are 1516 17 inch wide by 10 feet long and they come with a three year limited warranty. These Rhino Rack cinch's traps are great way to secure a cargo, in your roof cargo basket or directly onto your roof rack crossbars. It made off a heavy duty nylon webbing which is real strong and durable.

Basically what these straps are designed to do, they have the special pad that covers the buckle. There's no metal surface that is expose that you can secure items that maybe sensitive to scratches, paint damage such as like a surf board, for today we have the stand up paddle board here that we have loaded up onto our roof. This is just going to provide a nice soft cushion for when you're going around the paddle board and when you reinsert the strap and pull it out, basically all that metal is contained. Here, I go ahead and pull a little bit back here so you can kind of see what's actually on the inside. You can see we just have a normal steam cam buckle here that's on the inside. Then just when you insert the strap in and pull this, that nylon protective pad over it, again just to how this protect your vehicle from scratches, your cargo from scratches, your surfboard, paddle board from scratches basically what this strap is designed to do. Now what we can do is ...

I'll just go ahead and show you how to secure the strap, just going to throw the strap over it, and I'm going to leave this kind of right about at the center. Because when I pull that strap tight, I want a really really good hold. Just going to hold around the underside of our crossbar, and I'll throw the strap back over the board. Over here, I'll do the same thing, bring the strap around the inner side of the bar, then I'll go ahead and take the end of the strap, and you can see it's kind of cut at an angle which makes it much easier to get the strap into the buckle. You see this cam buckle have like these teeth in there, it's going to grab it really well create a nice strong hold. Hold the pad over the buckle, I'll just go ahead and start pulling. Again I'm just going to make sure that this is on the paddle board just to make sure that everything is nice and protected.

Then I'll just secure the access strap. Then we'll repeat the same process with the back strap. All right you can see our paddle board is really nice and secured, nothing is moving around. I'm using that bottom pad of the paddle board to kind wrestle in the bar to give it some grip. That will complete today's review of the Rhino Rack cinch strap with the padded cam buckles, part number RTD30S. .

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