Rhino-Rack Nautic Roof Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Rhino Rack Nautic Roof Kayak Carrier

Today we'll be taking a look at the Rhino Rack Nautic rooftop kayak carrier, part number RR570. The Rhino Rack Nautic is a rooftop kayak carrier that carries one kayak hull-side down on your roof rack crossbars. A really neat feature of this kayak rack is the easy loading and unloading process due to the pivoting saddles. The saddles here pivot to accommodate different hull styles and sizes and the actual saddle itself is made of a glass-reinforced nylon for added strength and durability. The saddles also have a soft rubber pad here that flexes to accommodate different hull styles and sizes as well. It provides a nice grip for your kayak when it's in place and the rubber is not going to scratch up the surface of your kayak.

This rack will work on round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory crossbars. Now we'll show you how it assembles onto the roof rack crossbars. We'll basically just place the top bracket onto the top of our bar, take the bracket to go around the underside of the bar, and then we'll take the included bolt and washer to go down though the hole of the top bracket down through the hole in the bottom bracket. Then we'll just use the included Allen tool to tighten it down. We'll then do the same exact process for the hole of the other side of the bracket. A neat thing about the hardware for this kayak rack is if you can see that on the top of the bolt there is a little tab that sticks out and then the included Allen wrench has a hole in the bottom. Basically the only way that someone can remove this from the rack is if they have this Allen wrench.

I'm going to keep this loose just so I can position it and maneuver it on the bar. Then I'm ready to install the other part. Now we'll just position them to fit the hole of our kayak. Then we'll tighten them down. Then we'll just repeat the same installation process for the back pair of cradles. You just want to make sure that they're in line with the front pair as well. Now with all four of our saddles secure we'll go ahead and load up a kayak and then show you how to secure it.

The first thing we need to do is with the saddles already angled towards the side of the vehicle, I'm going to place the kayak up on its side, and then I'm going to simply roll the kayak over and allow those pivoting cradles to hold the kayak until it rests on the other saddles. Then I can go ahead and reposition it. With our kayak in place we'll then take these straps to go over the kayak, around the underside of our crossbar, and then back over the kayak. The straps that are used to secure the kayak to the actual bars are the ones that have this nice pad and the cambuckle is coated on the net nylon cover. This is just going to help ensure that your kayak is protected from any scratches or abrasions. We'll bring the strap around and come up to the cambuckle.

We'll insert the end of the strap into the buckle and pull it tight. Then just make sure that the buckle is covered up with that nylon protector so our kayak is protected. Just pull it tight. Then I'll repeat the same process for the back. Now we're ready to use the bow and stern tie-down straps to secure the bow and stern of our kayak. The bow and stern tie-down straps are the longer ones that are rolled up like this. Today we'll be using the quick loops you can see here because this vehicle does not have any good, solid steel anchor points to secure the bow and stern of the kayak to. We'll open up the rear hatch, place it in the cargo area, and shut the door. This will be our anchor point. Then we'll take the strap, go up, insert the end of the buckle into the strap, go back down, insert the end into the quick loop, and then pull it tight. Then we'll go into the cambuckle and tighten it down. Then I'm just going to secure the excess strap. Then we'll repeat the same process at the front. Now with our kayak all loaded up we'll go ahead and take it out on the road and show you how it looks. That will complete today's review of the Rhino Rack Nautic rooftop kayak carrier, part number RR570. .

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