Rhino Rack MountainTrail Roof Bike Racks Review - 2015 Mazda 5

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Review of the Rhino Rack MountainTrail Roof-Bike Racks on a 2015 Mazda 5

Today on our 2015 Mazda 5, we're going to be doing a test fit of the Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Rooftop Mounted Bike Rack. This is going for you to fork mount a single bike and it's going to be part number RBC035. As you can see, we've already got our bike up here. You can see how it's going to look and how it's going to fit once you have everything assembled and in place. Let's go ahead and talk about how the bike gets secured. On the back side here, you're going to have a rear wheel safety strap. It's always good to make sure that you have an even amount of space between your spokes so when you remove the strap or place the strap through that you don't damage your wheels.

Press in the button and push it out until you can grab a good finger hold on it to remove it. Up front, you're going to have that locking skewer. When we undo this skewer, we're just going to pull down and you can see how that's going to release. When you latch it, you want to make sure that it's just tight enough that when you put it up into place that it kind of makes a click, like so. That's going to make sure that it's going to be nice and tight and hold the bike in place.

If it is a little bit too loose, you can rotate it around until it's a little bit snugger. Go ahead and lock that up. Let's go ahead and remove our bike and we'll show you how the rack is fastened to the cross bars. Always remember to reattach your rear strap, that way you don't get any dirt, grime, or road debris built up in it. On the back side here, we're going to have two thumb screws securing a plate that goes underneath of our cross bar. Now if we un-thread both of them down to the bottom of the threads, then we're going to remove one completely.

This will allow us to spin that plate around, fitting it whatever cross bar spread we have. The front mounting point is a fixed point so it will not move. The only ones that will move to fit whatever cross bar spread you have is going to be these two back bolts that will slide on the track underneath. You can see what I removed from the back, what it's going to look like. It will slide into the track system and slide right down into place. Go ahead and bring that bolt back through the hole and thread it down to where you can just see the thread through the bottom of the thumb screw and then tighten them down evenly.

Making sure you have it in the center so it comes up nice and even. All right, from there let's go ahead and move up front and talk about how that's secured. You're going to have the locking cover. Go ahead and pull that off and try not to drop it. Then, locate the bolt that's located here. Take your Allen tool and you can go ahead and loosen that up. This is going to allow those straps to have some slack so you can pull them around. When the back is out, and it you press this forward you can see it released the tension on the straps and allows you to pull them down and underneath the cross bar. Both of them the exact same, bring them up, fit them into the grooves located there and then tighten that thread back down. Once you start tightening it up, it's going to pull around the cross bar securing it to the vehicle. Once you have that nice and tight, we'll go ahead and replace the cover, fitting the two grooves here, to the two there and locking and latching it back in place. Now you're ready to hit the road with your all new Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Roof Top Mounted Bike Rack, part number RVC035 on our 2015 Mazda 5. Let's see how it does on our test course. Here you see it out on our test course. First is the slalom which shows the side to side action to simulate turning corners or any basic maneuvers. Next are the alternating speed bumps which show you the twisting action, such as hitting a pot hole, road debris or going over a curb. Finally we will finish with the solid speed bumps which show the up and down action to simulate a parking garage or coming out of a driveway.

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