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Review of the Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard carrier, which also doubles as a fishing pole holder. Now this carrier is available in seven different sizes. It's going to start with a two ski model. It goes all the way up to the six ski model, which will also hold four boards.We've also put together a kit that will include the risers. If you have those taller bindings, that's going to be a great option. Now, for typical applications, your ski and snowboard carrier, or fishing pole holder, are designed to get those items outside of your vehicle, so you can get your luggage, family, pets, inside the car, and make it to your destination with all of your gear.This particular carrier is going to hold up to six sets of skis or four snowboards.

As far as fishing poles go, it's kind of hard to tell you exactly how many it will hold. That's going to depend on how large they are and how you put them in there.Now, to hold the ski and snowboards in place, you'll see we've got this thick, rubber gasket. When closed, it's going to compress down on to the skis. You see, that gives it really good holding power. Regardless of whether you've got something thinner, like what we've got here, even up to really large fishing poles, which we'll show you in just a minute, it's going to hold each one of those items, individually.See, here we've got a little bit of compression, and further in, where we've got the thicker set, it's a little bit more compressed.

It kind of customizes the fit to each set of skis or pole.Now, each half of the system is going to have a lock core that's pre installed. It's going to come with the rack. Unlike other systems out there in the market, you're not going to have to purchase those separately. They are keyed alike, so you can just use one key. It will come with two.

Once that's in the unlocked position, you can see the large button here. This is going to stick out past the end of the carrier. Even if you have on really thick gloves, you should just be able to use the palm of your hand to push in and release it.Then, you just kind of tip it up. It has a little bit of a spring effect to hold itself open, but it's not so tight of a spring that it's going to flip all the way over the other direction. At that point, you'll do the same thing on the rear.

Get your skis out, get your skis in. One thing important to remember, when loading skis, you want the flat part to be facing forward. You don't want the turned up portion. On a snowboard, of course, both ends are rounded, so you're not going to be left with that option.We'll bring this down, usually two hands. Bring it all the way down until it clicks. It's going to remind you, right here, on the end of the button, as well as in the video. We'll tell you, you want your locks to be engaged. You want to have your key in, and that turned to the locked position, as you're traveling down the highway, or at regular road speeds.If you're off the road, just going from, maybe, the clubhouse over to a lift, or something, then that's not really a necessity. Now, when in the locked position, it prevents our button from being pushed. That's going to help prevent our skis from being removed from our carrier.To help keep our carrier from being removed from the rack, itself, the two bolts that hold each foot in place are going to be temper resistant, with a special tool to remove them.Now, let's take a minute to see what our customers are saying about the product. Kenny R. said, "The system has been great. I use it regularly on our Escalade. With 4 boys, my wife and myself skiing now, we couldn't make it to the resort with our gear, without this system. Awesome product."Gray W. He said he's owned them for about a year, and has used them two to three times. "They have held up well, when fully loaded with skis. It can take some time to get them closed and locked, especially when it's cold," but "overall they are a good product. I will be switching to a cargo box that is long enough for skis as they can be used all year round and are multi-purpose." After a year, he said, "I still haven't switched to a cargo box so that must say something! They are a quality product and I don't have any issues other than them not having a quick disconnect."Now, when using it as a fishing pole holder, as we said, it's going to accept all different sizes and types. I've got my big surf rod, here. I brought in an ultra-light, just to test it and see what sizes of rod was required for it, to hold it, even my fly rod and then, my bait casting reel; and all of them are held in spot really, really well. You can see, even with the larger diameter rod, here, the other half it it is still very snug. Beyond that, my really thin ultra-light rod is held in place, no movement, no wiggle. They won't even, really, allow them to twist, as you can see. If we we're . Say, you have a really large reel. You can kind of pivot that a little bit. It really does a pretty good job of holding it in place.Now, if I we're going down the highway with this installed, my fishing poles, I would have them like this. I'd want them to be segmented into the shortest pieces they could. You'd want to have the lock cores locked. That's always important, whether it's skis or poles, to have these closed and locked properly.Once you've reached your destination, if you we're on the beach or at the area you wanted to fish, I think you could leave them extended. As long as you we're doing the ten, fifteen miles an hour, you really wouldn't have to worry about these moving around, or wiggling around too much.Another thing we like to do, is to compare this model ski and snowboard carrier to other ski and snowboard carriers that we offer. What we found, it does have additional features you don't find in some of the other racks, like the lock cores being installed. It's designed to work with all types of crossbars. Whether you've got the elliptical, the arrow, the square, or round, you're going to be able to use that. Not really an issue there.The size of the button isn't as large as what you see on some. It does stick out, so it should be pretty easy to get to, but compared to the types where the whole end would be the button, it's not as large.I think overall, with the reviews that we've got and the experience that we've got with the rack, you're going to enjoy it. You're going to like using it. It seems to be a good product and fair price.Now, to ensure that this is going to work out for you, size wise, we'll give you a couple of measurements. From the top of your crossbar to the center, here, we're looking at 3-5/8". Now, of course, since this carrier's going to be exposed to a lot of the winter type elements, it offers full aluminum construction; so we're not going to have to worry about corrosion, or anything like that, for years to come.It's also going to work really well on the T track. You can see here. This is just going to be with the clamp foot removed. The adapter's already there, so we won't have to worry about keeping that separate, or having to find it when we need it. Once that's slid in, we're just going to tighten up the screw, internally, here.Now, when you're using the clamp style foot, you're just going to have that tightened. You won't have to worry about it. This is going to be what secures our carrier down to the rack, itself, once we have that tightened. See It's nice and secure.That's going to complete our look at the Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier and Fishing Pole Holder.

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