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Rhino-Rack Batwing and Foxwing Awnings Replacement Hinge Insert Kit Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Batwing and Foxwing Awnings Replacement Hinge Insert Kit

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam with Etrailer and we have a broken hinge on our bat wing awning. As you can see right here that is broke. The bottom two and the top two or what they're supposed to look like. So, we actually do have the replacement part at Etrailer on our website. So go ahead and check it out if you're having this issue. Today, we're going to be replacing these.Just to make it easy on ourselves, we're actually going to remove these two bars.

They haven't broken yet. So we just need a little Phillips to undo that screw and it should come right out. This will be an extremely easier fix if we had a couple more hands with us.All right once you take that out, this tube should just come right out. First thing we want to do is find the right size Allen key to fit in the top like that. And then I am using a half inch socket for the bottom nut.

We might need to use power tools here, but we didn't have it too tight so it's coming off by hand, just like that. We can pull the big long bolt through. And now we're going to have two different pieces, one on the bottom like this and same exact one on top, but our top ones are intact still. So, we're going to leave the top one in there. But now, we can take these guys out.

All right. Now we can take our replacement parts, put them in just like that. Take our plastic piece from the bottom, take our bolt from the top, feed that down through. Put that washer on there and now the nut. And then, of course we're just going to grab our Allen key and our socket and tighten that down.So now we can go ahead and start to reassemble all of our rods.

Well, as you guys saw, it was a very quick and easy installation process. All we really needed was a couple tools to get the job done real quick. And even if I had maybe a couple of extra set of hands, it would have been a lot quicker. So, this is also going to be for not only the Batwing awning, but also your Foxwing awning. So now that that's done and everything's fixed, I'm just going to go ahead and go back to enjoy my awning. Again, thanks for watching. Adam with Etrailer.

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