Reese Tow-Glo LED Trailer Connector Adapter Review

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Review of the Reese Tow-Glo LED Trailer Connector Adapter

Randy: Hey guys. It's Randy here at Now oftentimes we get questions from our customers and they need to adapt their seven-pole to work with just a basic four-pole. They don't want to modify their vehicle's wiring. They don't want to change the plug on their trailer because this might work with one of their other vehicles. They want a good solution.

What we've got here is an adaptor. This is going to plug right into the back of your vehicle. You can see that's going to fit right in there. Tab comes down behind it, holds it in place. That's going to give us our four-pole right there.

That's going to give us the ground. It's going to give us our running light signal, left turn and brake, and right turn and brake. You can see this is also a lit plug. That helps to illuminate the area. So if you're making connections at night, this is going to help get that plugged in.

You an see it a little bit better. Just like that. Now at that point, we'll have trailer lights working, we can head down the road safely, letting everybody know where we intend to go. It's just safer for everybody involved.Something else I really like about this plug, the protective cover that they use has a release on each side. Not a release, but at least a tab for you to hang onto.

That way when you pull this off, you pull it off evenly. Some of the other adapters have just kind of a flip-over cover that go on them. Sometimes when you pull those off, you can bend that ground tab out just a little bit. Doesn't make a big difference. You can bend it back in, but I like the way this works. It feels really nice and sturdy. As far as the glowing aspect of it, it does a good job of illumination. It's also a nice clear housing. It's going to set it apart from some of the other ones on the road. Now this is going to work out really well whether we're going to use a trailer, maybe we've got lights on a cargo carrier that we want to operate, or even a lighted hitch cover. It's going to give us an excellent solution.Now any time we're using an adapter like this or just a regular trailer plug like this, we always recommend the use of dielectric grease. Basically that's going to get on those contacts, prevent moisture from getting in there that holds dirt, which eventually leads to corrosion. We'll put that on both ends. It's going to keep everything nice and protected. I like the way this is constructed, all the seams are in line with each other. As you feel around it, you don't feel any raised edges and lower edges. So the fit and finish on it's really nice. Reese always does a good job. They've put a lot of effort into making sure that this is a really nice, good-looking plug. The lighted feature, again, that's going to help you out in those low-light situations.Overall, if I was in the market for a four-pole only adapter, this would be an excellent choice. The one thing that I would have a little bit of reservation about would be if I ever had any intent at all on hauling a marine trailer that had a surge coupler with an electronic lockout or if I wanted to put some backup lights on my trailer. With going with the fifth pole, you're going to have that reverse signal that comes out. So every time you hit reverse in the truck, it'll lock out that actuator for you if it's that marine coupler application so you can back up without the brakes engaging, or if you need some extra light behind your trailer as you're trying to park it, hitting reverse, you can get lights to turn on on your truck. So now if either of those applications are something you might see in your future, I'd probably go with something like 78118. That's going to be a seven-pole to four-pole and five-pole adapter and it has some test lights on there to help you confirm everything on your truck's working. Overall, I like this one, but I'd probably go with the other one if that was in my future.

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