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Reese Skull LED Lighted Trailer Hitch Cover Review

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Review of the Reese Skull LED Lighted Trailer Hitch Cover

Dustin: Hey everybody, Dustin here at Today we're taking a look at the Light Up Skull Hitch Cover for two inch and inch and a quarter hitches from Reese. In addition to making the back of your vehicle look super bad to the bone, this hitch cover is going to help keep out dirt and debris from your hitch, keeping it easier to use for future applications. Cool thing about this, unlike most hitch covers on the market is it plugs right into your four-pole connection so it gets power when your running lights are on. That's what gives you that glowing red skull at night.It's a highly durable plastic construction so you don't have to worry about rocks or anything chipping it while you're going down the road. Also, you can see right here, it's got a foam gasket on the side that's going to reduce any rattles and shakes going down the road.

So this guy is staying in place. It's going to look tough. It's going to act tough.It's going to operate with your headlights or your hazard lights, keeping you more visible at night. And let's be honest, making it look a little cooler, going down the road. It's illuminated with red LEDs that are going to last an extraordinarily long time.

You'll never have to worry about changing the lights for the life of your hitch cover. That's going to complete our look at the Light Up Skull Hitch Receiver Cover for inch and a quarter and two inch hitches from Reese..

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