Reese Towpower TransRACK Workmate Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Reese Towpower TransRACK Workmate Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Reese Towpower TransRACK Workmate Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part number RP7063500. This ladder rack is going to be great for carrying ladders, lumber, or any other elongated items above your truck bed.As you can see, it's going to free up space for any more tools or gear you might have with you. Ladder racks, in general, can be very beneficial. Even if you only use them occasionally, they can save you from having to make multiple trips. Ladder racks aren't just for carrying ladders and lumber, you can also use them to carry your watercrafts. Like our kayaks and our paddleboards.Ladders, themselves, can be very costly.

A ladder rack can protect your investment and prevent them from getting buried in your truck bed by other tools or losing them on the highway. The Reese TransRACK is comparable to premium ladder racks. It's made out of aluminum and it's aerodynamic. So for one, we don't have to worry about the elements causing any rust and two, we're going to have minimal wind noise and drag.When transporting your cargo, you do want to be sure to use tie down straps. They are sold separately.

We have plenty of options here at crossbars themselves are 68-1/2 inches long. Here you can get a closer look that the crossbar and see how aerodynamic it is. It also features ribs here on top for grip. That way our cargo doesn't slide forward and backward when it's secure. Here underneath, the crossbar features a channel.

This is for maximum adjustability. It's going to work with full-size and mid-size trucks.Clamp on accessories may work with this ladder rack as well. So we'll give you a height and width of the crossbars. They're about 3-5/8 of an inch wide, and an inch and three-quarters tall at the highest point.The crossbars are attached to four uprights. Like most ladder racks, they're angled outward.

This is going to give us more strength and stability. They're 27-1/2 inches long and they give us a weight capacity of 800 pounds. The uprights attach anywhere along our truck bed side rails we want, just as long as they do not interfere with anything underneath. They are clamp on style.How it works is, two C-clamps hold the upright in place by the plate. One goes on this side of the upright and one goes on the other side of the upright. Once you've got it in place, you tighten up the bolt until it makes contact underneath the side rail. Then you can tighten it up with a 9/16 wrench or socket. Once you get it nice and secure, you can lower down the jam nut and this prevents it from coming loose.Since this system does mount to your side rails, depending on what truck you have or how you set it up, you may not have access to your stake pockets, so just keep this in mind if you use stake pocket accessories. Also if you have a tonneau cover, this system will not work. We have other options here at if you're interested.Underneath each plate features some padding. So if your truck bed has bare metal rather than a plastic cap, this is going to prevent it from harming or scratching that painted finish.Customers on our site, compare this to the MaxxTow truck bed ladder rack. While they're both made out of aluminum construction, the Reese TransRACK has a higher weight capacity although MaxxTow has slightly longer crossbars so you'll be able to maximize your capacity. The MaxxTow also features load stop so you can better secure your cargo whereas the Reese TransRACK does not. And that's going to complete our look at the Reese Towpower TransRACK Workmate Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part number RP7063500.

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