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Reese Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the Reese Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch

Today were going to do a quick review of this Fifth Wheel Hitch, part number RP30083 from Reese. A few things to know about this fifth wheel hitch is that, it has a gross towing rating of 20,000 pounds. It has a vertical load limit of 5,000 pounds. It has a hitch height of 16 to 18 inches tall and has a travel from front to rear of 12 inches. The fifth wheel hitch offers a single piece, self-latching jaw that wraps around the King pin to ensure proper connection. Behind the latch you can see a little metal tab, which insures that you have a positive connection with your trailer.

When that happens, you can go ahead and install your safety pin. Next well cover the slider portion of the fifth wheel. This particular one is a round tube. Now the advantage of around tube is, you dont have to be exactly straight onto a trailer when you hookup or unhook from it. You can be at a little bit of an angle and youll be okay. We have the slider in a towing position as indicated by this green sticker.

To slide it into maneuvering position, first well out the safety pin and then well take our lever just as it indicates on the sticker and pull it to the center to unlock it. With the weight of a trailer on it, it will move back and forth. For review purposes, well just push with our foot. It looks like once its moved it goes into a locked position, but always double check to make sure. Now were in the maneuvering position as indicated on the red sticker her.

Well repeat this process and switch back to the towing position. When you put this into the towing position, make sure the lever is all the way forward. Now well put our safety pin back into place, the hitch head will pivot as well left to right and front to rear. All right, there you have it for part number RP30083 from Reese. .