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Redline Snapper Pin Review

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Review of the Redline Snapper Pin

Randy: Hey, Guys. It's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the Redline coupler pins. These pins are gonna be a really good solution. They come in several sizes for all different sizes of couplers, so we can keep that latch down and engaged, but also the 3/8-inch variety and the 2-1/2 inch length makes a great replacement for drop leg or caster wheel pins that we might've lost.This is our 1-3/4 usable portion pin. It's gonna be available in the 1/4-inch or the 5/16-inch pin diameter.

For the larger one, like what we have here, with the 2-1/2 inches of usable space, it's available in the 1/4, 5/16, and the 3/8.I really like this design. I think the longer end here helps us get a little bit more purchase on it when we wanna pull it off. And I also like the tension that's on the spring. It's got a good amount to it. It's not so tough that you can't get it off, but it's also not so flimsy that you think it'll just fall off as we head down the road.It comes through, very positive click there.

It's gonna be nice and secure. I also think this is gonna be one that's gonna last for a very long time, just like most of the coupler pins out there. These don't get a whole lot of wear to them, but we do have that white zinc finish, so as moisture and stuff, the road grime, gets on it, corrosion's not gonna be an issue for us.I think this pin's gonna work out, as you can see, several different applications. The 2-1/2-inch and the 1-3/4 length are gonna be pretty common. When we compare these to other pin and clips out there, I like the way these work.

I like the way they feel. That spring mechanism to release it is nice and strong.As far as other options that you might have, some of these are equipped with chains already connected to them. That chain, you could bring down and connect to your coupler, using maybe a self-tapper screw or a little nut and bolt. Now, that type of pin and clip I think will come in handy if you have a habit of losing them often. People misplace them, leave them up here, they fall off.

If you do that often, grab one with a chain. It's probably a better option.Additionally, if you want more security, if you'd like to have a lock also, we have several available on our website in all the different popular sizes. Basically, you'll just slide your pin through so it keeps your coupler locked, but then you'll have a lock that'll slide on the end, ensuring nobody can separate the trailer from the truck.And of course, regardless of the size that you choose, installation's gonna be really straight forward. We just need to pull out on the keeper. It's got a little bit of a spring effect to it that'll allow us to open it up. We can slide it through our coupler. Once we get that through, we're gonna keep her down on the other side. You can see that holds it in place there really nicely. This is a perfect fit for this style coupler. If you want a little bit more slack, I'd go up to the 2-1/2 at that point.And that'll complete our look at the Redline coupler pins.

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