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Redline 7-Year Conspicuity Tape Review

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How to Install the Redline 7-Year Conspicuity Tape

Today we'll be taking a look at the Redline Seven Year Conspicuity Tape, in two inch by eighteen inch long, part number V825549-18. The Redline Conspicuity Tape is designed to help increase night time visibility. It comes in a two inch wide by eighteen inch long strip, with eleven inches of the eighteen inches being in a red reflective, and the other seven inches being a silver reflective. The Redline Seven Year Conspicuity Tape does meet DOT regulations for the federal light inaudible 00:00:30 requirement which calls for conspicuity treatments to be added to trailers that are over eighty inches wide, or weigh more than ten thousand pounds to make them much easier to see. It does feature a seven year warranty. Now we'll go ahead and go over here to our enclosed trailer, and we'll show you how easy it is to apply them. Now here's what our Redline Conspicuity Tape actually looks like. As you can see here, it does have an adhesive backing, where you simply peel the backing off and apply it to your trailer. Now this particular trailer does not fall underneath the regulations that are required to already have it on there, but we're going to add it as an extra safety feature to make our trailer more visible to other people. We're going to go ahead and install them here at the bottom, and since these are sold individually, we're going to go ahead and actually put two of these on here at the back, as well as two up on at the front of the trailer.

Before we can do that, we will need to clean the surface off so that the adhesive sticks to the trailer properly. We're going to go ahead and clean our area off. We're actually going to go ahead and use two of them, and put our two pieces on about like this. We're going to put the silver towards the middle, as well as the red on both outsides. And with that, that's all there is to it. Now we'll go ahead and repeat this process for however many additional pieces you may want to put on. And see that the reflective strip is DOT-C2 certified, as well as we just went ahead and used a simple razor knife to trim out around this particular rivet here. Again, on this particular trailer, they are not required by law to be on there, but we're adding them just to give ourself a little bit more visibility to other people around the trailer. Now the Redline Seven Year Conspicuity Tape do come one per package, so if you need multiple strips, you will need to purchase multiple pieces. Now that we've gone ahead and installed four of the Redline Seven Year Conspicuity Tapes in the two inch by eighteen inch long, that will conclude our demo of part number V825549-18. .

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