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Hopkins Rear View Camera with Backup Sensors Review

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Review of the Hopkins Rear View Camera with Backup Sensors

Today, on this 2009 Honda Accord, we are going to be showing you the rear view camera system from Hoppy part number HM60195VA. We have all of our wires secured up and we just want to go ahead and give a quick test run to a back-up camera. You will see that when we put the power on, when we put the vehicle in reverse, that picture comes up. You will notice at the top there that we have three different colors. We have a green, a yellow and a red for each side. Those are going to be our distance indicators. And those will also be what will activate our back-up sensor as well. The red boxes will light up when we get near something. 0:32

You will see that we have a person here in our back-up camera. As they move towards the vehicle slowly, you can see as he gets closer. First our green indicators come on, telling us that he is a specific distance away from us. Each side is blinking, telling us that it is pretty much centered with the rear of the vehicle. If he was more off to the left, the left indicator light would be blinking on its own. If he were further to the right, the right indicator light would be blinking on its own. As he moves closer, you will see that not only are the green indicator lights on but we have the yellow indicator lights on as well. And then as he comes even closer, we get to the full red. And you are also obviously getting the beeping as well, letting you know that you are getting close. And there you have it for part number HM60195VA.

Joe M.


I have got a smart hitch backup kit for my truck, I love it, but I was wondering if there a larger monitor I could use with it????

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Thanks for the feedback, glad you are liking your Smart Hitch. Hopkins uses the special connection points on their cables (as most manufacturers do). Unfortunately they do not offer a larger screen for this back up system.

Jim F.


I looking for backup camera system my Ford F-150 that I can use to help me connect to my trailer to the trailer hitch. I m aware of the wireless camera systems such as IBall

Patrick B.


There are a few different systems that we offer, some are hard-wired and some are wireless. If you prefer a wired system, check out part # HM50002 from Hopkins. It utilizes some OEM connections so there is less splicing. The Swift Hitch wireless system has been one of our best reviewed systems by our customers, that's part # 04928.

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