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Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Review

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Review of the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

Speaker 1: We're going to review and install the rear view safety backup camera system with built in backup sensors. Part number IVS dash 5350.Let's go ahead and try it out. We'll back up on our bay here. We've got a motor coach behind us. It shows us how close we are. It does show it in meters.

There's no changing that, but you can see how close we get and it beeps. And it also kind of works the same rate as a factory sensor. We're done, just go ahead and just put it in drive. It turns off, we don't have to worry about it no more.Nice big screen, easy to see and work with. Also has a little sun shade over top to help protect it.

Very simple to use, in fact there's only one control for it. Right here in the back is one simple little button. And all that does is silences it when the backup sensors are going off. So sometimes you just don't want them, or in this case, your vehicle already has backup sensors. You really don't need two, but it's nice to have a visual picture of that.

You will get that in the screen.To operate and use our camera, our car as to be on and in reverse. There's a gauge right here that gives you an idea of how far away the objects are. Green is going to be pretty far away, your safe distance. Yellow is getting closer and red, you don't want to get into that part. That looks all fine and dandy right now, but what's really cool is when the backup sensors work.

So I'll go ahead and walk back there slowly, and you'll see how the sensors . You'll see the indicators on each side will show you how close the object is behind you.Now you hear the factory sensor go off. As I get closer to it, I can set off the RVS camera sensors. And also one new feature back here is our camera is actually adjustable. You can move it up or down as needed. It's a nice slim unit that sits above your license plate.Now, the backup camera itself is going to have 120 degree of viewing angle. Also has night vision, so don't have to worry about not seeing anything at night. The monitor itself is going to be 4.3 inches TFT LCD. Now comparing this to a wireless system, yeah they're pretty cool inaudible 00:02:11, a little bit less work, but with a hardwire system like we have here, you're going to have a much clearer picture every time you use it compared to a wireless one. You may get interference every now and then and the picture quality may not be so great.With that, that'll finish it for rear view safety backup camera system, part number RVS dash 5350.