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Rampage Trail Top Soft Top Kit Review

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Review of the Rampage Trail Top Soft Top Kit

Today we'll be taking a look and installing the Rampage line of trail top all season two in one soft top kits for Jeeps. This all season top comes in a variety of sizes and colors for your Jeep's fit. See for your specific fit. The kit includes the top, the windows, the windshield channel, the door surrounds and the tailgate bar. This Rampage custom fit top is going to provide full coverage for our Jeep and with it's two in one soft top feature, it's going to easily convert to a safari top. The top's made out of a heavy duty weather proof sail cloth with extra insulation for a quieter ride. The large side and rear windows are going to provide excellent viability.

The tinting is DOT compliant. It's also going to protect your Jeep's interior from sunlight. It has heat sealed seams with a heavy duty zipper and molded teeth that are going to help keep out water. Our top is secured by these hook and loop fasteners, as well as these strong nylon straps with a steel cam buckle to help keep our top tight. At the back of our Rampage top, it's got a nice fast back style design. It's going to help improve aerodynamics while we're on the road.

Our top is held in place by the included door surrounds to provide a nice snug fit when they're both in place. In comes down and it also tucks underneath the body channel of our Jeep. Here on the inside, our top also features front and rear anti-puddle support bows. This is going to help cut down on your wind noise as well as improve water run off. The top also comes with driver and passenger mesh pockets above with an elastic strap, so we can hold any small items that we might have with us. Our Rampage top simply converts to a safari like top by just removing the windows.

Let's check that out. Now with our windows out, we're able to take advantage of the hidden compartment up underneath our top. It comes included with a bag for our windows to go in. We'll unzip our bag. Inside we can separate our windows so they don't scratch with one another by using these separators.

We'll go ahead and start putting our windows in. Now that I've got my two side windows in, I'll grab my rear window, slide out the tailgate bar, now we can zip our bag up and tuck that up underneath our top. We'll zip it up. With the rear portion of our top folded up, we can fit our window bag underneath and we can use our hook and loop fasteners to help secure it in place. We'll fold our top back over and then secure it to the two corners of our Jeep. Then with our two straps in place at the corners of our Jeep, we're able to enjoy our safari like top, as well as bring along our windows. Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to install it. The first thing we want to do when we get our top is immediately lay it out in the sun. We don't want to try and install it while it's cold. What the sun's going to do is, it's going to help loosen it up and help stretch it out a little bit when we drape it over our Jeep. Like I said, I will install the rest of our hardware on our Jeep while this is baking out in the sun. We'll want to make sure to remove any hard top or soft top that was previously on our Jeep. As you can see, we've already done that and then we're going to grab our door surrounds. They come in three pieces. We'll start off with this one first. It's got the end that's going to slide into this hole right here. We'll just put it in like that, then we'll take this one, which clamps around our roll bar, slide that like that and we'll take our thumbscrew and it's going to hold these two pieces together. Just put it on the back side here and just tighten that down. There, and it's going to hold those two pieces together, so we don't have to worry about it coming apart. Once we have our small thumbscrew holding our door surround in place, we can come up top and work with our first clamp around our roll bar. We'll want to line up the factory hole with the hole on our door surround. We'll just push that in place, line up the holes, we'll take our long thumbscrew with the longer shaft on it, go right through and screw that in place, make sure it's nice and tight. Then we'll grab our last door surround that goes up to the front here. We're going to slide this in to this door surround. We'll also want to make sure that this notched portion of our front door surround sits right in here in this rubber seal, kind of like that. First, we'll slide them in together like that, we'll just kind of slightly pick up on it and make sure it goes down in place. Then for the front part of our door surround, we'll just want to make sure that the clamp goes around our roll bar and aligns with the hole that's already there. Then we'll take another large thumbscrew and put that through and tighten that down in place. Now with everything in place, you can see how it fits nicely up against the weather stripping of the front portion of our windshield. With our large knob securing our front surround and our rear surround, let's go ahead and tighten down the center. We'll grab our shorter thumbscrew with the short shaft on it and we're going to thread it right through here into the factory threads of the frame of our Jeep. All right, then with one more step to go, these will be in place. All right, now with one last thing to do, we'll need to drive a screw into this hole here, similar to this one that's already been done for us up here. Rampage has given us two screws, one for this side and one for the other side. You'll just need to self tap it yourself into the plastic. It will just go right in, so with just a little bit of force, I'll take a Phillips screwdriver and just go ahead and screw it down. No need to over tighten, just get it tightened just enough, and then you've got it. That's going to keep it from sliding back out of itself. With our door surround in place, we can go ahead and shut our doors and as you can see, the door fits nicely, just as if it was the hard top. Let's go ahead and repeat that same step on the other side. Next we can go ahead and assemble our tailgate brackets and then install them on our Jeep. We'll take these two pieces here, we're going to slide this piece onto this piece. You can see where it lines up there with here, so we're going to slide that on like that and it's going to look like that. Before we clamp this onto our Jeep like this, we'll need to take our self tamping screws and put them through this hole here and this hole here. They already come pre-drilled, so all we need to do is just drive them in. Once we get both sides in, it's going to keep it from sliding out. All right, now with that in place, now we can take our bracket and then clamp it over the back of our Jeep here. We'll put it up underneath the raised edge and then push forward until it snaps into place, just like that. Now let's repeat that same step on the other side. Now with these both in place, we can go ahead and grab our soft top and get ready to put it on our Jeep. Now I've grabbed our soft top and we've got it laid out flat, as you can see. This is the front portion of our soft top. This is what's going to be going over our windshield header. Here's the windshield header here, this is going to sit on top of our windshield. What we're going to do is, we're going to turn that up like this and then turn the front part of our top up. Then we're going to slide our front flange up underneath these corners here, so just like this. The idea is to get it far enough over to where you can button them up. You just want to get it positioned and then start buttoning them down just like that. Just work your way down the row. All right, now that that's done, we can drape it over the top of our Jeep. We'll grab our top with the windshield channel header facing forward and we'll just kind of drape it over top. We've got our top draped over our Jeep and we'll want these forks to slide in our existing clamps, as you can see there. We're going to turn it over and just pull it a little bit forward until it sits nicely on top of our windshield. We'll get underneath and we'll check the forks to make sure they're in position here in just a second. All right, so now we're inside the Jeep and like I said before, we just want the forks to slide in over our existing hook, just like that. All right, with our fork in position around the clamp, we'll then take our thumbscrew, we'll put it through the existing hole up top here, then we'll take this clamp and it goes underneath and we're going to screw that nice and tight to it. What that's going to do is, it's going to draw the top down and provide a nice tight fit around the windshield header of our Jeep. Now you want to make sure your fork comes down through the three holes and tighten that down. You can see it start coming through, we want to make sure that's all lined up, just like that. All right, now same thing over here on the driver's side, you can see how the fork's outside of where it needs to be, so I'll just put that right back in place and we'll take our bottom portion of the clamp, fit that underneath, we'll take our thumbscrew and then screw that in position. With our windshield header channel in place, we can move on to securing our top to the door surround. What we'll want to do is, we'll want to take our flange here and tuck it underneath our door surround here. We're going to separate the top, the hook and loop for an easier installation, just pull it apart a little bit and then we can easily take our door flange and go underneath the surrounding, just like that. We'll just work our way around and then continue on to the back door. All right, now before we secure this back down, let's run over and do the other side. Now that we have our plastic flange around the door surround, let's move to the inside of the Jeep and tighten down some straps. All right, now here on the inside of the Jeep, we need to get our two straps around our sound bar, or roll bar, if that's what you have and hook them into the holes here. Now to point out real quick, these have pockets for our anti-puddle aluminum bows that we're going to slip in there once we have them around our bar. For right now, we'll put it around our roll bar, we'll make sure that has enough slack and then we'll bring the hook up and then hook it into this hole right here. We'll take our hook, put it through and hook it and then we'll pull that cinch strap to tighten it down. All right, now let's do that same thing on this side. All right, now that we have that done, we can insert our aluminum bows up front. Our aluminum poles have two flat ends, one on either side, and what we're going to do is slip this one in, into the pocket that we pointed out earlier that's now around our roll bar and then bring it up to the front pocket that we have up here. Now we can do that same thing on this side. Now with both of our aluminum poles in place, as you can see, it's taken some of the bow out of our top. Now let's move on to the back. Now here at the rear of our Rampage top, come back here, we'll flip up the top flap of our top and we need to locate the two corner straps. We'll bring that around our roll bar, making sure that we go behind our seat belt stud. We'll bring that up through our cinch strap and then back down through and pull that nice and snug. Let's do that same thing on this side. Now with both of those tightened, we can just tuck the excess strap within itself. Now with our top secured to our roll bars in each corner, we're ready to install our windows. We'll want to make sure to grab the correct window and you can easily check by the way it folds around the back corner. As you can see, we've got the right window here, so we'll start with the top zipper. We'll need to zip up the top portion of our window, we'll start with the zipper down here and then we'll connect it and then we'll start zipping that through and you want to make sure to draw the window up so you can zip it up easy, just like that. Then for our other side, we'll do that same thing. All right, now for our back window, we'll need to grab our tailgate bar and I've already pre-installed my weather stripping. It's pretty simple to install. You just want to make sure that the flange end of the weather stripping is facing, the taller side of it is facing out towards the tailgate. We'll take our weather stripping and we'll just slip it on the bottom portion of the bar. We'll want to make sure that the open circle part of our tailgate bar is facing out towards your spare tire and that the square portion is facing in towards the Jeep. That's going to hook around our brackets for our tailgate. Now before we attach this to the rear window, I just want to show you you real quick how it goes in, so there's no confusion. We'll move our corner windows out of the way. They're still attached to the top, so they're not going anywhere and once we slide our rear window onto this portion here, we're going to take the square end of it and slide it into here. That's where it's going to go when we zip it up. When we zip up our rear window, that is. As you can see how that fits into our rear brackets here on both sides. With the weather stripping facing out, so when our tailgate door closes, it's going to provide a nice secure fit. Let's go ahead and put that on our back window. All right, so we've got our rear window, we want to make sure that the hook and loop faces out, because our Rampage top is going to connect to it when it's in position. We want to slide our tailgate bar onto this here, so we'll grab that. We're going to slide it like so onto our bar. Now we can leave a little bit of space on either side. That way we can center it when we finally zip it up on our top. We'll grab our rear window with our tailgate bar in place. We're going to bring it up and we're going to start zipping up one side. As you can see, we're going to zip it up with this portion here. We'll want to bring our zipper up, put it through and then just kind of zip it down a little bit, don't worry about trying to go all the way down yet. Then let's go ahead and do our other side and that way we can zip them both down together evenly. All right, now with that done, let's go ahead and zip them down on both sides. We're just going to bring both of our zippers down. As you can see, we still have our tailgate bar in place, we're just going to feed that in to our tailgate brackets, just like that. As you can see, it's a nice tight fit down here. All right, so now we can go around to each window and tuck our plastic into our door surround, as well as the plastic underneath the body of our Jeep. We'll start at the top and just kind of tuck it around, pushing that in place and then working our way around on the bottom. Now when we get to the corner, I'm going to lift up on it a little bit. You want to make sure that the flange is out all the way around, that way you can get it tucked underneath the corner here. We'll just kind of work our way around like we did before, making sure that it's underneath and just pushing in and up. Okay, and then now for our driver's side, same thing, we'll just repeat that same step, making sure that our door surround flap is tucked around. Now as you can see, with our flange in position, it's kind of tightened everything up a little bit. Let's move up top and finish that off. All right, now up here at the top, we've got our cinch straps that we need to tighten down as well as our hook and loop. I'm going to start with the middle one, to help kind of draw things up. I'm going to go up through and then back down and help tighten that up. At the same time, I'm going to pull up on my hook and loop and kind of push that into place. Then we can do the same thing over here. Then for our side, we need to make sure that we have all of our straps, sometimes they can get kind of tucked up underneath. I'm going to start on our rear window, corner one here to help kind of draw things up. Once again, kind of picking up on that hook and loop, kind of drawing everything together. Then we'll just finish this one off. As you can see, that's secure and we'll come over here and do that same thing. Once we get all those straps tightened, we'll just kind of check everything, making sure that our zippers are still done. Now with all that in place, we'll bring the top, the rest of the top back over and as you can see, we've got some more hook and loop here. That's going to hook on the outside. If you can, you can tuck your straps underneath there, just to kind of keep it so it's got a nice looking finish. Kind of pull that down and work your way around and making sure that we still have our last two straps and I'll show you how to secure those. We'll take one of our last two straps of the top and we'll fasten it right here at the corner of our Jeep with the provided hole. We'll pull that nice and tight and hook it into the hook and loop. We'll repeat that same step on the other side and then we'll double check our top and finish fastening it to the sides. Same thing here at the rear window, making sure everything's all sealed up. Then finally we'll insert our rear aluminum bows and just like the front, we'll find the provided pockets and slip them in. Repeat that same step on this side and then we've got it. That's going to complete our look and install of the Rampage line of trail top all season two in one soft top kits for Jeeps. .

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