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Rampage Jeep Spare Tire Cover Review

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Review of the Rampage Jeep Spare Tire Cover

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline. And today we'll be taking a look at our Rampage spare tire cover for Jeeps. Right here at etrailer. So you have the spare tire behind your Jeep. Not only for looks, but also for when you need to switch out your tires real fast.

So you wanna protect that spare tire from sun damage and road grim. That's what a cover like this is handy for. This is made of a soft top vinyl fabric and provides that protection so that your spare tire is ready to go when you need it to. So we have different size options as well as fabric options. What I have here, is the 30 to 32 inch cover.

So that's gonna fit your tires of up to 30 to 32 inches but whether you have a smaller tire of about 27 inches or a larger tire to a maximum of 35 inches, we have those different options for you. So check them out right here at etrailer. You can also get them in the different fabric. So, this is gonna be black denim, but other options like black or black diamond could be there for you too. So the material itself is, again this is a black denim version, but it's not made of denim.

It's made of your soft top vinyl. So, if your Jeep has a soft top, you'll be able to compare see that they're pretty much the same material. That's gonna be UV resistant. Very important, since it's sitting in the back of your Jeep you wanna make sure that those sun rays aren't penetrating through that fabric and causing wear and tear, so that it protects your tire. I personally like how everything is stitched.

Taking a look at our seams at the end, this creates that custom fit. As well as that nice look around your tire. Notice how our seams are well sewn. They're not fraying or coming apart. We also have this adjustment cord underneath and that allows you to get a more snug fit. So let's take this off to show you how that works. So look at our nice, shiny spare tire. Definitely something you'll want to cover up or protect for when you do need it. Now, if you do wanna show off your spare tire though, there's a version of this which is the display cover. That has an opening on the inside, which allows you to show off your tire, while covering it and protecting it. On the inside is a different material, compared to the outside. This one's more focused on comfort and protection since it's touching your tire. So notice that it does get dirty, but that's okay because the main priority here is protecting that tire. So the tire size we have here is 255/70-R18. That's important because if you take that tire size it equals a tire of 32.1 inches. So the very end of our 30 to 32 inch tire size. But as you can see, this fits around our tire. Just make sure that the adjustment cord is completely open. In fact, I'm gonna switch this around so that you can see it better. So, this fits snugly around our tire. Takes a little bit of effort though just to fit, but that's okay because then this will help take the wrinkles out. Especially after a while leave this out in the sun that should iron it out more. Once the cover is secure notice how this overlaps each other, just to create a good secure fit there. And then use the adjustment cord to tighten it down. And once your cover is installed, don't forget to tie off that excess cord or tuck it into your tire. And that's it. You can forget about it and you're ready to go. So my personal thoughts about the cover from Rampage, is it's really good if you have that soft top material on your Jeep and you want it to match. Or if you want just a more premium experience and more premium protection for your spare tire. So, to compare that, as well to summarize our whole video the soft fabric on the inside is more plush than what you would get on a standard cover. That way you have more protection around your actual spare tire. Then you also have that cinch strap around, which gives you that more custom and secure fit. Takes a little bit more time and effort compared to something that's elastic like this, but then you have that good layer that goes over and covers everything. Comparing the outside material too. This one definitely matches your soft-top material more than a regular vinyl cover would. So all those different features combined together makes for a pretty good product. And that was a look right here at our Rampage spare tire cover for your Jeeps, here at etrailer. My name Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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