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Rampage Minivan Center Console Review

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Review of the Rampage Minivan Center Console

Adam: What's going on everybody. Adam with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rampage Center Console.So, we are going to have a length of about 29 inches. It's going to be about 9 inches wide and it is going to sit up about 14 inches tall. We're going to have four different drink holders, some on the front, some on the back. We're going to be able to adjust these in just to be able to hold some of those smaller drinks that you guys may have.

If the kids in the back have sippy cups or something like that, it's going to be able to hug those pretty nicely so they are not going to end up falling over. And to release them, you just press down this little button there. It's pretty convenient. It is going to have a mostly plastic construction and it is going to have a somewhat leather-look-like vinyl on top, so it isn't really going to scratch or fade over time. It isn't going to be black, it is going to be a charcoal color.

So doesn't necessarily match your black interiors, but it is somewhat close.It is going to be an upgrade from some of those Plastic Center Consoles where this one we're actually going to have a padded surface to be able to put our arms on, a nice armrest. And we have plenty of room down in here for some of our larger items, whether it's just maybe some of the DVDs for the kids so they can watch it on the trips or whatever. We do have a lot of different attachments and stuff that we can put in here, a little bracket, they'll just fit in here just like that and then we'll be able to put some types of dividers in there if we want, or we even have a third little divider that might fit whatever you guys plan on putting in here a little bit easier, but just know we do have options and we can always just keep it completely open as well. And that's just going to do a lot when it comes to storing our stuff.In the front, it's going to be a little bit smaller little area here. Then a little pocket just for some of our, either CDs, business cards, credit cards, if you just want to keep something in here at all times, maybe even just some documentation for your vehicle, whatever it may be.

And then this is going to be a little bit smaller for your phones or your sunglasses. And other than that in the front, we have the same exact mechanism for the cup holders. So you get that benefit both in the front and back.All in all, it's definitely going to be a decent replacement for your Factory Center Console. The one that was in here initially, it's extremely hard, there's not a lot of padded services on it. So, if you find yourself leaning on your Center Console to look back at the kids and talk to them or something like that, I would definitely say it's going to be comfier and it is going to have plenty of storage space.

I know it has a lot less compartments than some of your guys' Center Consoles, but we definitely have a lot of space to be able to store our stuff. And it is pretty easy to install so let's go ahead and show you guys how.If you guys haven't already, we're going to have to take out our center console, but trust me, it's not that difficult. There's going to be a little lever down here, on the bottom section of our Center Console, and you're going to pull that up and then we're going to go ahead and kind of just lift up the back, just like that and it's going to slide right out. I'm just going to slide it to the back because we really don't need it and I can pull it out of the back doors whenever we're done.Now with our original Center Console out, we have the new one. We can just go ahead and set it into place. It should fit pretty nicely in between the seats here, just like that. And just to let you guys know, it does not come with mounting hardware, so we do recommend that you guys secure it somehow, but we just want to let you guys know it doesn't come with anything to secure it down. There isn't a whole lot of movement, a little bit left and right, but it's not going to tip over and it does stick pretty good to the bottom as well.Well, everyone that just about does it for a look at the Rampage Center Council....

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