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Rampage Center Console Review

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Review of the Rampage Center Console

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Rampage Contractor Center Console in a nice charcoal color. That's going to be part number RA39423. The Rampage Contractor Center Console is going to be a great addition to your bench seat. This is designed to mount in the center of your vehicle's bench seat. This console is going to be perfect as a mini workstation. Take a look here on the inside.

We have one big compartment with a removable tray to get all our items in there as needed. One of the neat features I really like is we have a built-in clipboard right here for your paper or notepad or notes in there. You can just simply use it as a workstation as needed. Clips in place. All set with an elastic band here.

That way, you can always keep whatever paperwork you have in there nice and tidy. You could even throw a pen or highlighter or pencil in there and it'll hold it in place as well. Folding it back down in this position, you're going to see that it offers two cup holders here at the front of the unit. These are fully adjustable. Bring'em in and you can fit a variety of different cup sizes. Push that spring-loaded button to extend it all the way back out. This console has an oversized hinged design right here.

That's actually going to open up for the rear of the unit. Flip that open. It's got this nice little stop here that's going to rest against that hinge design which is going to add a lot of stability when you decide to use the writing surface. Here in the tray, it's got a nice little handle so you can use it or move it. It's going to allow you to gain access to the larger compartment.

Plenty of storage space in there. Throw in anything that you need. Now, this isn't just for a contractor. You can use this in any vehicle in the front or rear that has a bench seat and a seatbelt going across it to secure it. Once we have that tray in place, you can see that we have slots up here for our coins. It's going to fit your quarters, your dimes, your nickles, and your pennies. We can also use some of these other compartments just to store some of your other gear.Now, here on the inside, it's got nice felt material. It's going to add some protection in case you have any items in there. If we want to put our phone in there, screen down, we don't have to worry about our screen getting all scratched up or anything like that. Nice, protective lining for the interior of the console. When it comes to the overall dimensions, it's going to measure about 18.5 inches long by 10.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Let's go and show you how this installs right here on our bench seat. Here on the bottom, you're going to find a seatbelt loop. It's the black loop here on the bottom of the console. It is designed to be wide enough to fit your standard sized seatbelt and buckle system. What you want to do is you want to go ahead and flip it down, position it kind of where you want it, and then we're going to use that seatbelt strap here on the bottom to run our seatbelt through. Just a little note that this will tighten up a little bit better if you make sure that your seatbelt stays straight and doesn't get all twisted during this process. Move my hand out of the way so you can see. Simply just going to run this through the loop here on the bottom of the console just like that. We're going to go and attach it to our seatbelt. Then over here, I have the excess strap from the seatbelt just as if you we're tightening up a seatbelt, like you had a passenger sitting here in the middle.We're going to do that same thing for our bench seat. Once we have that tight, you can see that it's pretty secure in there. It is going to move a little bit. That's going to be normal with a system like this. We want to make sure we can get it as tight as we can. That's going to be it for the install, part number RA39423, The Rampage Contractor Center Console. .

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