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Rackem Utility Trailer Lockable Trimmer Rack Review

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Review of the Lockable Trimmer Rack for Utility Trailers

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rack'em Lockable Trimmer Rack for Utility Trailers, part number RA-6RL. Here's what our Rack'em rack looks like installed on our utility trailer. We've already installed two of our gas trimmers in it. You will notice that it is attached, actually, on the driver's side of the trailer. Ideally, we would have put this on the passenger side, but our particular application today will not allow that. Now, you want to install the two uprights approximately 3 feet apart, and you will need to supply the hardware to attach the rack to your trailer. On some applications, such as ours, you may even need to notch the wood to allow the rack to fit down properly so that you can bolt it to the lower half of your trailer here. Let's go ahead and show you how our rack works. We'll need to first undo our padlock that is securing our trimmers to the rack itself. The padlocks we're using today are DT High Security Locks. You can purchase these in a three pack that are all keyed alike.

That's part number DT40124KA3PK, or these locks can be purchased individually, which is part number DT40124. Now the three pack works nice when you're using the Rack'em system, because you'll need one for this upright as well as one for the other upright. Then if you'd have a blower backpack, or some other accessory, you'd have an additional lock that is keyed the same. Now we'll go ahead and take our key for the lock, go ahead and unlock it. Go ahead and remove the other lock. We'll go ahead and swing the arm open. We'll go ahead and open up the other arm here. What you'll notice that there's a rubber flapper piece here, or trimmer hold down piece, and this right here can be cut, or customized, for your individual accessory.

In this case we're using trimmers. With the arms open, we can go ahead and lift our trimmer out. Now, this top trimmer hold down piece, which there's one at each location, these are replaceable and they are sold in two packs, part number RRD. We'll go ahead and remove one and show you what it looks like. Here's what the trimmer hold down piece looks like. Again, these are sold as replacement items, in a two pack, part number RRD. These are also customizable, where you can trim out sections if maybe you have a larger accessory that needs to fit in there. You'll also notice where the trimmer sits in place has a rubber coating on it as well as the flapper arm is rubber so that it doesn't damage your trimmer as it's going down the road. This rack is designed to hold a total of three trimmers. Once we have our trimmer in place, we can go ahead and close the flapper arm. You notice how the flapper arm grabs the trimmer.

Go ahead and close the other end. Then we can re-install each of our locks, securing the arms so that they can't be opened up. A nice thing about these DT barrel style locks, is you can only remove the key if the lock is in the locked position. It will not let you pull the key out if you're not fully locked. Now we'll go ahead and install this one. Now that our locks are secure, we're ready to hit the road. This rack does have an overall height of 48 inches.

You can also purchase the Rack'em Utility Shovel, Rake, and Broom Holder to use with this Trimmer Rack. That's part number RA-23. That will do it for our quick look at the Rack'em Lockable Trimmer Rack for Utility Trailers, part number RA-6RL. .

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