RackEm E-Track Traffic Cone Holder Review

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Review of the Rackem E-Track Traffic Cone Holder

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rack'em parking cone holder. This is part number RA-26. This is made to work in conjunction with our spare tire rack from Rack'em as well. That part number is RA-16. As you can see here, nice sturdy steel construction. We've got solid welds all the way around. We don't have any exposed areas.

We've also got the nice hand hammered finished. It's going to help to resist corrosion and scratches, things like that, keep it looking good for a long time. When not in use, we can easily tuck our holder up against the wall there. As you can see as we tilt it out, it's designed with a heavy metal stop down here, so they come up, make contact with our bracket and prevent it from tilting out all the way. It's going to install simply into our spare tire holder using an E-track style connection. We just place that in, slide it up, rotate it in, and then we're going to push that back down until our little lever clicks into position. As you can see, we've got the room we need to slide our cones in and down. This is going to sandwich right up against that spare tire and keep them from moving around as we're traveling down the road. Now, in talking with Rack'em they told us with the spare tire installed, it's kind of going to help stabilize our cones a little bit as we're traveling down the road.

Something that we encountered, it kind of limits the capacity that we can get on there. So with that removed, we're going to be able to extend our shaft out much higher, giving us a greater capacity. As you can see, with it in this configuration we're going to be able to stack out a lot more cones. We could probably even add more to this as long as our ceiling will allow it. So just as a reference for you, they say with the spare tire here they're going to be a little more stable. Without the spare tire, you're going to get greater capacity. That's going to complete today's look at the Rack'em cone holder, part number RA-26.


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