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Review of the Montague Folding Bike Rack Stand

Colin: Hey, guys. It's Colin here at Today we're going to take a quick look at the add-on rack stand for Montague folding bikes.Now, a lot of their folding bikes are going to come with a rack stand, but some of their more basic models aren't going to come with one. But if you want to add one on to have kind of a kickstand for your bike, or even have multiple uses for the kickstand, this is going to be a great add-on for you. You can see right now it's propping up our bike, now that we're not riding it. We don't have to lean it against a wall.

We don't have to put it down on the ground, risking it getting damaged.On the bottom, we're going to have these four feet with the rubber caps to help for grip. We're going to have two of them right there and two on the other side for balance, so even if we kind of tip it back and forth, it's still going to be well balanced. When you're ready to ride your bike, all you got to do is just lift up on the back seat right here. Just use your foot, kick it out right there, then pull it up. Then it latches on to the foot brake here.Now at this point, you are ready to hit the trails if you wish.

Now, I do want to point out that the rack does have other uses. When it's in this position, you could get other accessories such as a bag to put on top and strap it down. That bag could be used to carry your water bottles. If you have any technology like a cell phone or maybe a GoPro to take with you on your trip, you could use that as a carrier for it. Now, however, you do want to keep in mind, if you do use it to carry some equipment, you will have to take that equipment off to use the rack stand to prop your bike up.Now, our rack stand is also going to have an integrated fender right here covering our rear wheel.

It's just going to help prevent a lot of rock, water, other debris like that being thrown up while you're riding.Now into it on the back of our fender, we're going to have this solid rubber piece right here. Basically what that's for is so that when you put your rack stand down, you're not going to have to let it fall too gently. You can just unhook it. Once that falls, it's just going to hit the ground very soft-like, and then you can just pick up your bike and let the stand get under it.Now, the rack stand's also going to come with a front fender to put on the front wheel of your bike. However, it's not going to work with all of Montague's mountain bike models.

Now, down here, we're going to see that we don't have any onboard hardware right here behind our front fork mount. So, if you don't have that front hardware, then you won't be able to install this on your mountain bike.Now, the rack stand is going to come with a longer quick-release skewer to go through your gears right here, and through to the other side. You just keep in mind you'll have to replace the one that came with your mountain bike so it's long enough to fit. You can see we have two plastic brackets on each side for the rack stand to fit around.Now, it shouldn't take you too long to install, but we'll go ahead and show you how to do that right now. Now, the first thing you would need to do is remove the clip release lever that was included with our bike. Now, before I do that, I do want to point out how you're going to install the new one, which is a bit longer, because you do want to make sure you have a hold on the tire and the frame of the bike. Keep it all in line so that you don't mess up the gears or anything on the rear suspension.Now, with the new quick release, the side with the lever right here needs to go on the side with the chain, so opposite of what is on our bike currently. We need to make sure that the knob right here is on the side that you guys can see. Now, to get this one ready to be put on, we're going to take the end off along with the little spring on there. Once we get this all the way off, set that on the ground, along with this spring, and this little black plastic piece. Now, from here, we're going to set it on the side that we're going to use it on so that we can just grab it and insert it when we're ready.Now we'll go ahead and undo the lever. We're going to have to go the other side and do the same thing, start screwing off that knob. Took off that spring as well.Now, right here I'm just using my knees to pinch down on the tire, and I'm going to use my hands to hold the frame in place. We'll just pull this out, hold everything together. The gearing's also going to kind of hold itself in place, but you just want to make sure that everything stays. Now insert the new one, like so. Now we're going to insert the black plastic piece right there along with the spring. You want to make sure that the wider end is on the outside, and then we'll also put on the nut at the same time.Now we're going to get our rack stand in place. We're just going to pick up on the back of our bike, set it under it. We're going to make sure we get it lined up correctly with the quick-mount release.Now, you need to make sure that these plastic pieces go inside, and the base of this is going to pop out right there on both sides. You want to make sure you get it into the little slot of the rack stand. Then from there, we're just going to tighten this down more, all the way. A little too tight, and you can loosen it a bit so we can get the clamp to operate correctly. There we go.You can go ahead and pick up the back end and make sure that it's functioning properly. You can see that it has full range of motion. Now we can move on.Now we're going to install the clip that holds our rack stand up while we're riding the bike. If you have a 2016 or newer model, this collar right here under the seat post tube is going to come installed, so that's what you're going to use to get your clip installed. So we're just going to put it through that top set of holes right there. Feed that through, and then I'm going to take this flat washer and then the lock nut, and put that on. You are going to have to provide your own tools when doing this. Just going to be a small Allen wrench and then a small little wrench right here, and we'll tighten it down. There we go.Now we'll grab our rack stand and just put it up here. Now, you'll notice that the part of the frame which clips into here is not tightened down, so I just clicked in it. Now we have it measured out to where it needs to be, so we're going to take our included tools and then tighten down these Allen bolts to make sure that it stays positioned like that. There is a tool that's included with your bike that will fit that Allen key. Once you have it tightened down, go ahead and lift up the clamp and make sure that it's secure. Just double check it fits in there.Now would be the time to install our front fender, but like I said earlier, it's not going to work with all of the mountain bike models. But if you have some loose hardware laying around, you could get this to work by yourself. Just feed a bolt through the bracket right there to come out the other side, and then install a nut right there to tighten it down.Thank you all for watching. This is going to do it for our look at the rack stand from Montague.

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