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Review of the Quick Fist XL Clamp

Today we're going to be taking a look at our Quick Fist XL clamp. It's sold as a quantity of 2. Its part number is QF60060. These straps work great on any kind of application, any kind of vehicle, even home or garage use. These are designed to mount round objects up to 15 inches in diameter or also equipment to 28 linear inches. Each of the clamps is going to support a safe working load limit of 150 pounds. Here at my fingertips are the arrows.

These help to identify which direction they should be facing. We want the arrows facing one another when we install our clamp. They offer quick and easy installation. The heavy-duty grade transportation rubber that they design these out of resist both UV rays and salt. Also, they're unaffected by different climates. Each half of our clamp is going to mount using 4 number 10 metal or wood screws and the mounting area here is 2 x 2 is what they recommend you have space-wise.

Each strap has a break strength of 300 pounds and they also offer a 1 year limited warranty, made completely in the United States. Now we're going to go ahead and show you how to install them and how they work with some gear attached. We've selected the area here we're going to be mounting our clamp in, and as we said before, we want the arrow to be facing towards the other half of our clamp. The other half of our clamp's going to be mounted here, so we're going to mount this one here. We've got our clamps mounted. We're going to secure the extinguisher here. We're going to bring it back against the wall.

We're going to find our tightest fit we can there. Secure it in there nicely. To secure our excess strap here, I like to just stretch it and get it caught on that next clip there.Keep in mind if you're using, maybe you've got a second tank or you've got a fuel tank or something like that you need to secure as well, simply mount this right here beside it, and that'll give you a second connection point.Or let's say you've got an acetylene tank or an oxygen tank or something that'll be taller that you want to support, well then simply mount your second set of clamps right here. That will complete today's look at the Quick Fist XL Clamp. It comes in a quantity of 2. Part number is QF60060.


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