Quick Fist Rubber Tie Down Belt Review

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Review of the Quick Fist Rubber Tie Down Belt

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Quick Fist Rubber Tie Down Belt with two mounting hooks. This is part number QF11050. The Quick Fist Tie Down Belt is great for securing gear. It works in many applications as far as boats, RVs, emergency vehicles, personal vehicles. Wherever you may have used a bungee cord before, this is a great new replacement for that. The Quick Fist Belt is stronger, it's wider and it's more weather resistant than a standard bungee cord.

Another great feature is the connector that Quick Fist sends you with your belt.This can be used to tie one belt. You'll hook into the two holes here using the same belt, but just so you see. Hooking one belt into another belt allowing you to make it as long as you want it. You can connect as many belts together as you like. The Quick Fist Belts made in the United States using a heavy duty automotive grade rubber.

This is going to be resistant to salt and UV rays and unaffected by climate. Operating temperature on this is -60 up to 140 degrees. The belt measures 38 inches long. It's an inch and a half wide and about a quarter inch thick. Our connecting post here can be connected to any hole throughout the entire length of the belt, giving you a wide variety of size options for whatever gear you may be hauling. Now, we're going to go ahead and show you how to mount it into your trailer or boat, RV, whatever you may be using.

We're going to take our bracket here and we're going to mount it with the hook facing outward.We're going to bring a strap around here, around our product and then back into here. We'll mount it with these facing away from the other one. When mounting our bolts, we're using what would be here like a number 10 metal screw or a wood screw. You can also use a bolt to connect it in. They don't give you an exact size that you need.

With our connection points in, you can see our strip really nice and sturdy. We've got our connection post on the wall here. Go ahead and throw down our gear here that we're going to secure. With our ladder secure that will complete today's look at the Quick Fist Rubber Tie Down Belt with the two connection posts, part number QF11050. .

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