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Quick Fist Ratchet Strap Clamp Review

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Review of the Quick Fist Ratchet Strap Clamp

What's going on, everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Quick Fist ratchet strap clamp. 'Cause it could also be used with some other smaller items it doesn't have to be those big, heavy tanks, whether it's a scuba tank, a CO2 tank, or some welding tanks, you don't really have to stick with just the big stuff. So you can take something small, like this, little bike pump, clickety, clickety, and it is ready to go. It's up off the ground and it's not taking up much space at all. The housing is going to be made of a glass-filled nylon base, and we are going to have a ratchet strap as well.

It's gonna be about an inch and a half wide by 36 inches long. So if you do have this on your boat, we do have a bull bar attachment. So if you have some round pipes on your boat, maybe you're out in the middle of the ocean. That's what you use to kind of put stuff up and off of the floor. You can use that to mount this to your boat without having to drill any holes.

And if you are using this for marine use, even if you are on the coast in that salty water, none of these materials are going to rust out over time. This unit's going to have a working load limit of 500 pounds and a break strength of 2000. So if you have a pretty massive air tank, whether it's on your boat, in your shop for welding gas, or anything else that you may put on here, if it's over 500 pounds, you can use multiple of these to get it all strapped down. Whenever we're done, all you gotta do is release this little lever. You can go ahead and give yourself some slack, then take whatever you have from the inside out.

All we really need to install this is three number 10 screws or bolts to secure it down. It didn't really take much time at all. Just probably takes a little bit more time trying to figure out where it goes and then and we're done, so we can go over that process with you now. First thing we wanna do is figure out exactly what we're going to use it for and where we want to put it. My enclosed trailer, I usually have the side-by-side and stuff over there by the gate.

So I want to make sure the wide side by side, isn't going to hit my tank. So I'm gonna be hauling a fire extinguisher. I wanna make sure I have it just in case. So it's gonna be right here, really accessible to the door to my left and the side-by-side is not gonna be anywhere near it, so I don't have to worry about hitting it. So once you figure that out, what we need to do is we're gonna need three number 10 screws or bolts. I'm gonna use screws today. We can't get these at your local hardware store, just asking them for number 10 screws or bolts, and they'll know what I'm talking about. So now that that's done, we're just take a look at the mounting holes. And we are going to have to kind of maneuver around the straps to be able to get them going. So go ahead and line it up, whether you're doing it like this or like this, and we can start to secure it down. I always like to starting with the top one just so I can have it hang there and then I can triple check and make sure it's nice and even and straight. And then I can get it nice and tight. And we can do the same exact thing for the remaining two. So we can mount this either vertically or horizontal, but what I'm doing is just doing it vertically. So my tank is going to be kind of like this so I can keep all this open for toolbox, the coolers, or the generator. So what we're gonna do is, this little section right here, is where we're going to put whatever we plan on storing. So we can go from a half an inch all the way up to eight inch diameter, so for my fire extinguisher, it's gonna be perfect. Cause that's only about six. So once we put it in there, like this, we're gonna start tightening it down, which it will start to roll that up. And then that's gonna make this smaller and that'll secure down. So to release it, you go like this and you are good to go. So I'm gonna go ahead and take a fire extinguisher. This would be ideal to do with some help, but you don't always have help. So I'm going to show you the struggle. This thing's about 40 pounds, which is kind of difficult, but it's doable. Once, it's nice and in place there, you can twist it like that. And we we're good. Once it's up and secured where we want it, we'll go ahead and take the rest of the slack out, just like that. Give it a couple twists so it is nice and locked into place. We're ready to go. And that'll do it for a look at the Quick Fist ratchet strap clamp..

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