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Quick Fist Long Arm Clamp Review

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Review of the Quick Fist Long Arm Clamp

Today, were going to be taking a look at our quick fist long arm clamp. They come in a two-pack, part number QF40010. The clamps can be used to mount objects anywhere from a half of an inch up to four-and-a-half inches in diameter. These clamps are great for use on any kind of recreational vehicle, military vehicle, emergency vehicle, off-road applications. They really have a wide variety of applications it can be used for.Each clamp supports a safe working load of 50 pounds. To mount them, we use the a quarter inch bolt or a number 14 where their sheet metals screw with the washer.

We'll mount to the top over here, get two mounting locations. The clamps can be mounted in any direction. We can mount them horizontally, such as this, or we can mount them vertically like this to hang our equipment.The heavy-duty transportation grade rubber that click this uses to make their clamps is completely unaffected by elements or by climate, and it's also UV resistant. Were going to go ahead and hang these on our trailer here and show you what they look like when theyre in use. Hi. We're here at the trailer.

As you can see, weve got some other equipment mounted here. Were going to use the 2X6 that we've got here. Were going to mount them right here. I've already got marks here indicating level. Within our cases, we're going into the wood.

Were just going to use a coarse thread screw. Again, you can mount these using either quarter inch bolts or a number 14 sheet metal or wood screw. We got our crew, we got our washer, now we'll get them up here where we want them. As you can see, these are nice and snug. Real easy, simple installation. It's just two screws or bolts to do it.

Now, with their clamps in place, let's go ahead and pack up some gear on them. Again, we got a safe working load limit of 50 pounds, so we'll just be sure not to put anything on that's going to exceed that. Here were going to first mount our chainsaw. The rubberized texture on this strap here can be really good about not damaging the handle or anything like that. Then theres a nice secondary tab here that's going to help hold our excess in. As you can see it mounts up really nicely. We all feel little shock absorbency from when you're going over the bumps and stuff like that in the trailer. Lets say, in this application, lets say you've got some gear that you want to keep up and out of the rain or off the ground, so you got four-wheelers in here and they're muddy. Just like that secure access hook it up there. As you can see, it holds it well. Another great application for our clamps, and to be to keep cords, or hoses, or anything like that to organize. Another really nice application of our clamps are using them both to get the maximum holding power. That will complete todays look at the quick fist long arm clamp, sold into two pack, part number QF40010. .

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