Putco Chrome Head-Lamp Overlays Review

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Review of the Putco Chrome Head-Lamp Overlays

Shane: Hi I'm Shane with etrailer.com. Today we're gonna be taking a look at PutCo's Head Lamp Overlays. What these are gonna do is they add curb appeal and style to your vehicle. Especially when added with the chrome grill inserts. They're gonna be constructed of a durable AVS plastic, so they're gonna hold up in all weather conditions. They're gonna have a chrome finish that adds a nice shine.

To hold them in place they're gonna have tabs that lock onto your grill or your headlight insert. Now the reason they make these out of plastic is because our grill is made out of plastic.Now as far as installing them you'll notice there's some little indention on the inside of your light housing you're gonna notice indention. We're gonna match those up, we're just gonna push it into place until that snaps on. That's what's gonna hold this in place. Then you're gonna repeat that same process for the other.That'll do it for the look at the PutCo's Head Lamp Overlays..

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