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Putco Halogen Bulb Wiring Harness Review

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Review of the Putco Halogen Bulb Wiring Harness

Today we're going to be installing one of the Putco light sockets, part number P239008HD. In addition to the light socket we'll also be using some heat shrink butt connectors, part number DW05743-5. This socket fits 9008 bulbs as well as H13 bulbs. Now there are a lot of different bulb styles used on vehicles, but the installation process will be much the same for any of those sockets. If the wire gauge you are using is a little bit heavier than ours, you'll need a heavier gauge butt connector, so check out part number DW05744-5. So this is the part that we are going to be replacing down here. Sometimes this plastic gets brittle over the years and it might break when you're just getting it out. We've got a bad pin connection inside so what we're going to do is we're going to remove it and then splice in right here. The first thing we need to do is pull the lamp out of our headlamp assembly and disconnect it.

So we're going to twist the whole fixture and pull out the assembly. This grey portion is the part that we're replacing, the black is the actual base of the bulb, so we're going to remove that. We're going to come in and leave as much slack as we possibly can to splice into. Here we go. Alright, once we've got some access to our wires, we need to strip back about a quarter of an inch. I'm going to take these fresh stripped ends, twist the copper strands together, it will help them go into the butt connector easier.

Also if you're comfortable using a soldering iron, you can get a better connection if you use a soldering iron and heat shrink rather than butt connectors, but butt connectors will still work. Put the butt connector into place, put your crimp in, and lock it down. Okay, so we've got our butt connectors installed now on the factory wire leads. So it's time to grab our old socket as well as our new socket so we can color match everything and get it wired up correctly. So here's our new socket, here's our old socket and we've laid them out, as you can see, in the same orientation. So now we're going to do is match up the color codes. The left wire on our new socket used to go to the brown wire with the blue tracer.

The middle wire will go to the black wire with the green tracer and the far right wire will go with the yellow wire with the black tracer. Again, just remember that you match up the wires by position according to the old connector that we cut off earlier. Our butt connectors here are heat shrinkable, so if we apply heat to the ends, the material will cinch up around the wire. We've got to be careful not to get it too hot and damage the wiring and we're kind of in a tight space here, so we're going to be very careful not to over work it with too much heat. You can use a heat gun, if you got one, but most everybody has a lighter of some sorts in their house that you can use to accomplish this job as well. Just make sure you dont apply too much heat and that you keep the lighter moving so you don't burn anything. Now we're just going to come back over everything with a little bit of electrical tape and wrap it back up.

We'll go ahead and re-install our bulb for the last time, put it back in place. And that's it for the installation of part number P239008HD from Putco and be sure to check out the links for replacement sockets for other bulb types. .

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