Putco Chrome Mirror Overlays Review

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Review of the Putco Chrome Mirror Overlays

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with etrailer.com. Today we're going to be taking a look at Putco's chrome mirror overlay. Not only are they going to add curb appeal and style to your vehicle, they're going to save you money from having to go out and buy an actual chrome mirror. They're going to be constructed from an ABS plastic, so they're going to be durable in all weather conditions. They're going to have a chrome finish, so they're going to give you that nice shine. They're going to come in three pieces to fit on your factory mirror.

You have your top piece, you're going to have this small piece here, and then this lower piece.Now, as far as the installation goes, it is very simple. You're going to have some tape that runs along this top edge, and along the inside here. You're just going to peel off that red side there. When you put them on, you're just going to make sure it sticks well.For demonstration purposes, I'm not going to be peeling that tape off. But I am going to show you how to get them installed.

You're going to have . Each side is going to be a little bit different. So you just want to make sure you get the correct side. This is going to be our lower piece, you're just going to take it, and we're going to slide it over the top after you get your tape off, and you're going to push it into place like that.Next we'll do our top piece, or our smaller piece that goes here. Again, we're going to have tape.

You're going to do the same process, peel off the red side, and we're going to stick it down when you put it on. Slide it in just like that. And you're going to stick it into place. And you're going to repeat that process for the top part. You're going to take this cutout, it's going to go right around the swivel there, just like that.

You'll push it on, push it into place.This kit is also going to come with a cleaning solution that you clean the back of your mirror, anywhere that your parts are going to be sticking to the housing. You're going to repeat that process on the other side of the vehicle.That'll do it for look at the Putco Chrom Mirror overlays.

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