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Prostrobe Rocky 4 Pro White Windshield Light Review

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Review of the Prostrobe Rocky 4 Pro White Windshield Light

Today, we will take look at installing the ProStrobe Rocky 4 Pro. This is going to be your white windshield mounted warning light, Part Number PRS70755. Now we will go ahead and turn on our ProStrobe Rocky 4 Pro. You see this is going to be your fixed pattern, which is going to have all the lights, shining at the same time with no intermediate flash or strobe. We will go ahead and use are pattern selector to switch through the patterns. The Rocky 4 Pro, has last pattern memory, and will recall the last pattern you had set. There you have it. We are back at our fixed position.

You can see the multiple different variations and patterns can make it highly visible to anyone on the outside of the vehicle. Here you have your Rock4 Pro. It's going to have those four powerful white LED lights. The nice heavy duty construction, is going to be nice and durable from the inside of the vehicle, so it can withstand those rough terrains in any kind of weather variations. Especially, when sitting up in the windshield, its going to go from hot to cold really easy. You are also going to have this nice shield down here on the bottom, it's going to be heavy duty.

It's going to be your anchoring point and the defector. So light doesn't shine down on the dash, and it directs the light out the windshield. It's going to have the four heavy-duty suction cups to hold up and secure it against the windshield, and to hold it in place. Notice, that it can be tilted, and tightened down, just by using the two allen bolts on either side. You will have nice long power cord, as well. It's going to allow you to plug it into the front if you needed to, and stretch it all the way to the back windshield, if you are using it in an emergency situation. The cigarette adapter is going to have you on/off switch, plus your pattern selector. You'll have indicator light here on side, that lets you know when its on or off. Lets go ahead and place it up, on the inside of our windshield and into place, by pressing down on the suction cups, to hold it secure. With it holding secure at the top of the windshield, we will then go ahead and get a little slack on our power cord here, and come down to our cigarette lighter.

It's compatible with any 12-volt or 24-volt system. Now, with all that extra slack, can you run it along the top of the windshield, if you plan on leaving it there for a more permanent installation. Now, plug it in. Now, we will go ahead and turn on our ProStrobe Rocky 4 Pro. Notice that the red light on the indicator lighter on the side comes on. To adjust it, and adjust the different pattern settings, we are simply going to press in the black button here to switch them. The nice thing about this as well, its doing to have that last pattern recall.

We will turn it off, and turn it on, so it goes back to the same pattern we had before. What nice about that, is that if you plan on using the same pattern on all your hazards or for any kind of safety situation, you won't need to adjust it again. It's going to be great for road crews, or just working outside. Now, we're going to take look at the patterns from the outside of the vehicle. That will do it for our review and installation of the ProStrobe Rocky 4 Pro white windshield warning light, part number PRS70755. .

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