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Prostrobe Intimidator 2 Safety LED Lights Review

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Review of the Prostrobe Intimidator 2 SAFEty LED Lights

Today we're going to be taking a look at and installing the ProStrobe Intimidator 2 safety LED light system, part number PRS70726. The ProStrobe Intimidator 2 safety LED lights are going to offer a wireless, easy strobe system which allows for an almost tool-free an non-evasive installation. It is a simple installation, and all the necessary hardware is included to install it. Each light is going to offer 6 1-watt strobes, it will also have an integrated USB charger on the wireless controller. The controller plugs in to the existing 12-volt system. You will have 12 flash patterns with full on courtesy light feature, and last pattern recall. When you pull your ProStrobe Intimidators out of the package, you're going to have your 6 1-watt LED lights, you'll have you're long cable so you can place them wherever you'd like to place them, as well as your two easy connect and disconnect joints here.

Here, our wireless control box, and your positive and negative cable. You also have provided hardware, and the easy to use wireless adapter for the inside with the on and off button, and the mode selection. That just plugs in to your cigarette lighter. It also has the nice little USB plug here, for you to plug in your mobile devices. The first step, go ahead and disconnect the lights from the control module. Press in the tab until it raises up, and then pull it apart.

Once you have the lights disconnected, string them out, one on either side, and separate the cables. Once we have it down here below, we're going to go ahead and run them, and place the lights, we're going to mount them here, on the air damn directly underneath the bumper and the mainframe. Go ahead and slide the extra wire through the top. Once you have it through the top, go ahead and line it up where we want it, and slide it over, pulling the excess down behind the bumper, and then we'll go ahead and plug it all in. Make sure that we don't have it twisted, and we'll go ahead and mount them up, right like so.

Let's go ahead and get the other one in place before we mount them up. Now for mounting these, you can either use double-sided tape, or the provided hardware that you see here. Instead of using the provided hardware that comes with it, we're going to use a little bit sturdier self-tapping screws. We'll get them lined up where we want them, and screw them in. Now with our lights in place, we'll go ahead and pull that slack over the top, and make sure it's where we want it. With our lights mounted, we're going to go ahead and lift open the hood, so we can run all of the wires and the control module. Once you have the hood up, go ahead and run the wire up top, and we'll set it off the top of the bumper until we get the other wire up in the same place, and then we'll string them together, bringing them out to the control module.

I'm going to go ahead and put in a zip tie up here at the top, just to help secure it and run the wires so it's a nice, clean installation. With that wire pulled up there, we'll go ahead and start stringing it across so it meets up with the other one. Pulling the slack through, we'll then go ahead and work them up through this hole here and up to the control module. Now with our control module, we'll go ahead and clean and prep the surface that we'd like to place it on right here. You can see that we've already cleaned and prepped it with alcohol. We will then take our control module, and we'll place it right here, then connecting the positive and negative wire to the battery, and plugging in our lights. We're going to connect the negative side first, then the positive side. Once you have a good connection, go ahead and tighten those down and secure them with tools to make sure that it's nice and tight. Afterwards, go ahead and cover them up, and then we'll go ahead and prep our box to place it on, by using the double sided tape provided in the kit. With out double sided tape placed on the back, we'll go ahead and drop down our control module to where we want to place it, making sure that it's nice and sturdy and secure. We'll go ahead and connect both of our ends that we disconnected before. Line up the prongs, and place them together. Now we will go ahead and tighten up the slack, and we'll be ready to go. Let's go ahead and take our wireless controller and plug it in to our cigarette lighter. Once you have it plugged in, adjust it so that it will be comfortable for you to use. Now turn it on, and you can see that the lights are lit up and solid. When you hit the button in the middle, you will see the lights start alternating. This is going to show the different patterns as you cycle through them. That will do it for our look and installation of the ProStobe Intimidator 2 safety LED lights, part number PRS70726.

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