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Project Pro Electric Tape Review

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Review of the Project Pro Electric Tape

Hello, everybody, Clay here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Project Pro electrical tape. Now we are going to get three rolls in a pack. So that's going to end up being about 90 feet in electrical tape. So that's going to be 30 per roll. So it's definitely going to cover a lot of different surfaces.

Electrical tape is awesome whenever you're doing wiring, you can protect your wires whether that be one of our heat shrink butt connectors here at etrailer, or any wires that you might have exposed, you can just wrap some tape around there and make sure that they're nice and sealed. Now, here at etrailer, we do use electrical tape a lot. We use it with our pull wires and over running wiring. So we'll grab an airline tube and tape our wires to it using the electrical tape and then actually pull it into the vehicle. So that's a very good use for this.

If you're doing wiring at home it's definitely something that makes the job a lot easier. When you compare this to a lot of other electrical tape, I really like how this comes off the roll. A lot of the times electrical tape can be really hard to get off the roll whenever your hands are full and you're holding wires. So being able to do that's really nice. And another nice feature of this is how much it stretches.

It actually has quite a bit of stretch while still being easy to tear. You can make sure you get a good seal on all of your wires. It's really good to wrap around your wire loom so whenever we're doing wiring here at etrailer and we use our wire loom, it's super nice just to wrap this around it and ensure a good connection. Now, personally, I keep a couple of rolls of this in my truck. It just takes up a lot less room than duct tape and it's just really easy to use.

And that's going to do it for our look at the Project Pro electrical tape..

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