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ProGrip Cam Buckle Lashing Straps Review

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Review of the ProGrip Cam Buckle Lashing Straps

Jake: Hey guys, this is Jae here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the ProGrip Cam buckle straps. Now these straps we have here today are going to be a 200 pound workload limit and have a 600 pound brake load limit. These straps are going to be a great accessory to have in your truck or SUV to be able to hold something down in place. Here you see we have it attached to our cooler just to keep our cooler from shifting side to side. Because of that lower weight capacity of 200 pounds, it's not going to be able to hold something any larger than its weight capacity.What I like about these straps is they're going to be a bright yellow in color, so others are going to know when you have things strapped down and it's going to help you keep track of your straps.

Another thing that they added to help you strap things down properly is that you always want to make sure your straps are straight when you're tying things down and they put these black stitching on the top side of the strap so that you know the orientation of your strap.Our Cam buckle is going to have a plastic construction, which is going to resist rust and corrosion over time. Our strap will have a 1 1/4" diameter, so it's a nice wide strap to be able to strap down your accessories. It's also going to be 8' in length to be able to reach whatever accessories you're going to strap down.The reason I like Cam buckle straps is that you're not going to ever have to worry about over tightening something that you might have to with a ratchet strap. You just pull the hand tension down on the strap and you know your load's not going anywhere. Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's go ahead and show you how we got our strap in place.We're just going to be strapping on our cooler today so that it doesn't move while we're driving down the road.

What we'll do is we'll attach it to the anchor points on our truck bed, and what you'll do is you'll pinch down on this lever and run the strap through the bottom, and you just grab the corner and pull your strap through. And then when you've got it tight enough, you want to make sure you tie off the excess.Well guys, with all that being said, that's going to do it for our look and installation of the ProGrip Cam buckle straps.

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