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Pro Series Turtle Expandable Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Pro Series Turtle Expandable Cargo Bag

Today, we will be taking a quick look at the Pro Series Turtle Expandable Cargo Bag, for a Roof Cargo Basket, part number PS63605. This Pro Series Rooftop Cargo Bag fit into your Pro Series Rooftop Cargo basket. It's completely waterproof. It's going help keep all your bags and cargo dry and safe from the elements. It has these heavy duty welded seams, you can see here, these welded seams just going to help prevent water leakage. Also has a large oversized zipper.

So, when the zipper is closed, you can close over that 3 inch flap and it uses those hook and loop closures to secure it and this flap is just going to add some more protection just help prevent water, and dirty and debris from entering through the zipper and damaging the contents of the bag. Now, on the top of the bag, you can see there's just kind of a cinch strap, so if your bags they kind of dont take up enough space and you don't want the extra bag to be flapping around in the wind, you just pull this tight. It's going to bring everything together nice and snug. It's going to help keep your luggage and stuff contained and also its going to help keep the bag contained as well so you dont have extra bag flapping around in the wind. Another neat thing about the Pro Series Turtle is the large oversized holes at the end of the zipper which makes it easy for a padlock to go through to secure the zippers or a cable lock, such as the Master Lock Python Cable Lock, which is what we have here. Which you can go through the holes of the zipper and bring this back around and go through the bar of your cargo basket and basically this is going to provide security in the contents of the bag and also the bag its self, and this is part number 8428DPS. Another neat thing about the Pro Series Turtle is that it is expandable, so you can carry more luggage. Now there is a zipper that runs in the bottom part of the bag.

When unzipped, all the way around, you'll see that it will actually open up and raise so that you can fit larger items and overall just be able to hold more volume. There are eight conveniently placed straps, on the bag, which allow you to wrap around the bars of your roof cargo basket. When you pulled them tight it's going to help keep everything nice and contained so that your luggage and everything isn't slashing around when traveling down the road. Now, at the end of the strap, are strap keepers they use the hook and loop closures, because you dont want that strap flapping around in the wind is it will start to fray, overall reducing the lifetime of the strap. This bag is made of a heavy duty vinyl coated polyester fabric that protects the items, inside the bag, from the elements.

It blocks UV rays to protect the bag and the contents of the bag from sun damage and fading. When expanded, The Pro Series Turtle, has a carrying capacity 13 cubic feet. For today's demo we will be using The Pro Series Big Sky Roof Mounted Cargo Basket, which is part number PS63156. Now we will go ahead just throw the bag up into the basket and load up some gear. Now that we got the bag all situated, in our basket, we will just unzip the zipper and we will be able to fold the bag over and load up some gear. We can bring the flap over, and we will bring the zipper around and secure our gear.

We'll pull the zipper all the way around make sure everything is all nice and contained then we will go ahead and close the weather seal, using those hook and loop fasteners , just to help protect our bags from getting wet. Now that we got the bag all sealed up go ahead and undo the buckle, and bring the straps around the bars of our basket, hook back up, and pull it tight. Pull the strap tight is going to secure the bag to the rack and also just going to help secure the contents of the bag. As for example, if you got a lot of stuff that maybe doesn't fill the bag up enough you pulling this tight is actually going to compact and press down the bag just make sure all the contents in the bag dont move around and shuffle when you're traveling down the road. Then we will just secure the access strap. You dont want the strap flapping around in the wind as what will happen is the strap will start to flap around and then start to fray which will reduce the overall lifespan of the strap. So when we secure it, included on the ends of the strap, are these nice little hook and loop fasteners. Now what these are designed to do is basically you just fold the strap up a little bit and bring the strap back around and secure it back around on itself it's just going to help keep the strap all nice and contained. Then will just repeat the same process for all seven of the other straps. Now that we got our bag all loaded up and locked down. We will go ahead and take it out for a test drive and show you how it looks. That will complete today's review of Pro Series Turtle Expandable Cargo Bag for a Roof Rack Cargo Basket, part number PS63605. .