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Pro Series Push to Test Breakaway Kit with Charger Review

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Review of the Pro Series Push to Test Breakaway Kit with Charger

Today we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Pro Series push to test break away kit with premium integrated charger, part #PS50-85-320. Now a break away kit is a very important addition to a trailer. This is going to allow the brakes on the trailer to operate using the battery located in the box here in the event that our vehicle we're to become separated from our trailer. To activate it, we've got a switch. As soon as the plunger's pulled out of there, that's going to activate the battery to send braking power to the trailer and get it slowed down safely. It's going to help out in those few and unfortunate situations where it does become disconnected.

A few of the things I like about this kit are the price points really really cost effective and it feels really nice and really sturdy. It's got a really nice break away switch. It's nothing that's teeny tiny. You've got hook closures here on the outside and then 2 zip ties are going to hold that box closed for you. If you ever need to, you can just snip those off, get in there and access the inside for easy maintenance. A couple of different mounting options.

We've done ours just flush mount here on the side of a trailer. We also see where we've secured our 7 pole wire right here on top which is pretty convenient to do that. There's also other mounting locations available. You've got a good length in the wires coming out of our battery box. You can get those connected into your 7 pole.

Then also your break away switch. We've got good mounting options for that. It had about 2 foot of line on it. We shortened ours considerably for this application. Each one's going to be a little different.

This is really adaptable. It's going to be able to mount pretty much wherever you want. The battery is included with the kit. It's going to be in your battery box when you receive it. The built in multi state charger is a very rapid charger so it's going to get the voltage in this battery up very quickly so it will operate the brakes if we need it. Here's our push to test feature, green button. We'll just push that and as you can see, the green light is going to indicate fully charged and we'll have LEDs running down through here to indicate at which point we need to recharge the battery. Now if your vehicle's equipped with the 12 volt hot lead running back to the trailer, we've tied into that here. The integrated charger is going to keep this battery charged up at all times. As long as you've got it connected to the back of our vehicle. Now we can pull the plug out of the end of our break away switch and make sure that that has engaged our trailer brakes. Now we'll want to get a wheel off the ground equipped with the brake. We'll give it a spin and then have our partner pull the switch and make sure that that brake actuates. That's exactly what we're looking for. We want that wheel to stop. That indicates to us that our break away kit is working. With the plug back in, it should go right back to freely spinning. Now to begin our installation, we'll figure out where we're going to mount our break away switch. Our old one was right in this location so without using that same hole just move up a little bit, mark our hole location right there and we'll do the same thing for our battery box. Just make sure to get it nice and level there. Then we'll mark our 3 hole locations and we'll get those drilled out. Now we can bring in our break away switch with our self tapping screw, get that secured. Nice and secure there. Now we'll do the same thing for our battery box. Now we'll bring our 7 pole wire up. We've got the blue, white and black wire coming out of our battery box and we'll also bring over the 2 wires from our break away switch. Now to make our connections we'll start with connecting the blue wire that's coming out of our battery to the one of the black wires coming from our break away switch. Now we're going to use butt connectors to make our connections. There's no hardware supplied with the kit so you want to have your own. We're going to use the heat shrink butt connectors. These are part number #DW05745. We'll just add them to our stripped wires. I'll take care of shrinking them down once we get the rest of them all connected. The other side, or the other wire coming from our break away switch, that needs to go to the brake signal wire that's coming out of our truck. In our case, it's the blue wire. In most cases it's going to be the blue wire, but definitely check it so when your brake controller sends a signal, you should be able to get that picked up right here with a test light. You can see where the old break away switch was connected. We're just going to take out this quick splice, that way we can get some fresh wire to work with and then you just want to get a similar gauge wire, again using butt connectors we'll get them connected together. We just want to give those a tug to make sure they're nice and secure. Now we'll bring in the wire from our break away switch, cut that to length and strip the end off. Then we'll bring that down to the blue wire from the connector on the truck or our brake signal from the connector on the truck, twist them together and we'll slide our butt connector on there. That will make that connection for us. We'll connect it to the other side of the blue wire. Next we'll take care of the black wire that's coming out of our battery box. This is going to need to go to the 12 volt power coming from our truck. That's going to allow the truck to trickle charge our battery and always keep it charged for us. Again, you can see kind of where the old one was connected. Let's get rid of those, add in a new piece of wire to get it consistent so we don't have as many connections. Then we can take the black wire coming out of our battery box and get it snipped off. We can slide our butt connector around those wires and get it crimped down, then connect it in to the black side that continues on down the trailer. All right. The one connection we've got left is going to be our ground coming out of the battery box. That's also going to go to the ground coming from our tow vehicle so we'll do the same thing here. Okay, so just use a lighter here and get our connectors shrunk down. If you're going to use a lighter use the blue part of the flame rather than the yellow to keep it from turning black. These butt connectors are great about keeping out moisture and things since this is kind of going to be exposed out here on the frame of the trailer and all of the elements. There's a glue inside of there that once melted is going to hold everything together and prevent anything from getting in. Now we're going to use a couple of zip ties here to just kind of get this all cleaned up and looking nice again. Now to get all of our wires secure you see we've got a zip tie. I'm just going to use some electrical tape and wrap it up. Now we'll use a couple of zip ties here and what we're going to do is anchor down our trailer connector line. That way we don't have it, we don't accidentally pull against any of the wires or anything that we've got installed here. That will provide us with really good anchor point there. We don't have to worry about that going anywhere. With everything working properly, that completes today's installation of the Pro Series push to test break away kit with premium integrated charger, part #PS50-85-320.

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