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Pilot Wireless Magnetic Tow Lights Review

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Review of the Pilot Wireless Magnetic Tow Lights

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Pilot Magnetic Tow Lights with a 4-flat and 7-way RV connector and a wireless design, part number NV-5164. Here's what our Pilot magnetic lights look like. We have a right side and a left side. You'll notice here on the back there is an R or an L. In this case there's an L for the left side or driver side. Passenger side has a little R, same spot.

This right here is the end that goes into your motorhome or two vehicle. It can be put into a standard 7-way or into a 4-flat design. Now this little antenna here screws onto the top of the plug, and this will give you a range of about 100 feet. The antenna is bendable so that if you have close clearance, depending on where your plug is on the back of your motorhome or RV it will allow you to move it around. Now by having these be wireless it eliminates having to set that wire up or plug into the motorhome each time and have that jumper cord go between. It's as simple as taking the proper side light, setting it on top of your vehicle, turning on the toggle switch here on the back, plugging in the connector into your motorhome, and you're ready to hit the road. Now each of these lights is powered by six AAA batteries. You'll need to take the a four screws out right here.

With the four screws removed, go ahead and lift the cover off, then go ahead and take six AAA batteries. Now that we have all six installed we can go ahead and put our cover back in place. Go ahead and repeat that same procedure for the right hand taillight. Next we're going to need to go ahead and connect the taillight back to the magnetic holder. To do that we'll line up these little tabs right here with the slots. You need to pull this little pin out as you're setting the light down in position.

when you release it it locks the light in place. With your lights reinstalled you'll need to flip the toggle switch to the on position on both lights. I'll just give you a quick demonstration. We're going to be using a tester here just to show you what they'll look like. We'll go ahead and turn the lights out and we'll turn our taillight circuit on here, our running light circuit, so you can see what it looks like. As you can see here, we have the LED lights lit up.

By these lights being LED they will give you years of service so you don't have to worry about the incandescent bulb burning out and needing to be replaced. Now we'll go ahead and turn our right blinker on. We can then do our left blinker. Now that we've gone over how the 7-way works, now we'll go ahead and flip our plug around. We're just going to use again our tester here, but this has a 4-flat, which is what you would find on the back of your two vehicle. Simply line up the plug, plug it in. As you can see, the plug works whether you have a 7-way or a 4-way plug connector. Now these light bases do have a foil-covered magnet here on the bottom as well as a rubber piece that goes around the base of the light that keeps it from scratching your painted surface on your vehicle. While today we'll be showing you how these lights are installed on a vehicle being towed behind a recreational vehicle, these lights can also be used in several other different applications such as a boat trailer, a utility trailer, or even farm implements. Now let's go ahead and show you how easy it is to install the lights, and how they look on a vehicle. We'll then go ahead and set our light down on top of the vehicle here on a nice metal surface to where it's going to stick and stay in place. We'll then go ahead and repeat that same process for the other side, or the right side taillight. Now we're ready to go up to the tow vehicle. We're going to go ahead and use the RV 7-way plug. Go ahead and plug it in. That's all there is to it. In this case you would need to finish hooking up your tow bar and safety chains, but otherwise you're ready to go from the lighting standpoint. We'll go ahead and do a light function test. We'll begin by turning on the running lights. Next we'll go ahead and turn on the left blinker. Now the right blinker, and now the brakes. That will do it for our quick look and installation of the Pilot Magnetic Tow Lights with red LEDs and a 4 and 7-way flat RV connector in the wireless design, part number NV-5164. .

Stephen G.


I will be towing my car on a dolly which also has lights. How can I plug in 2 connectors to my RV? Need one for the magnetic lights & one for the dolly

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


You will need to either add a second connector to your RV or you'll need to splice the wiring from your tow dolly together with the connector for your magnetic lights.