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Pilot Ford Brake and Tail Light Trailer Hitch Cover Review

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Review of the Pilot Ford Brake and Tail Light Trailer Hitch Cover

Today we'll be taking a look at the Pilot Automotive LED Ford brake and taillight, part number CR-017F. Here's what our Pilot Automotive LED Ford brake and taillight will look like once it's installed. It's going to have a sleek look on the back of the vehicle, offering an illuminated Ford logo when the lights are on. When the brakes are depressed, it's going to light up the third brake light. Also, in an emergency situation, when you press the four-ways, it will flash. It's going to offer a stylish look to the back end of your Ford vehicle.

It's going to be six inches wide and three inches tall. The LED lights are brighter than your standard bulb and are going to last over 100,000 hours. It's going to fit your inch and a quarter and your two inch receiver tubes. It's made of a heavy duty plastic for waterproof and long lasting wear. Here we're have our Ford LED tail and brake light. It's going to connect to our four pull connection, which is located right here on the back of our vehicle.

Now, we're going to place our two inch connection together, placing the gasket over the end. That will hold it in place while we screw it into the back of our light assembly and the four holes here, with the provided screws. We'll get all of our holes lined up and thread them in. Now that we got those in, we'll go ahead and slide it into place. We have the nice foam gasket and spacer there to help keep down on the vibration.

We'll go ahead and bring in our four pull wiring around the back and connect it up. We'll go ahead and test it out before we get it put away and tucked up behind the bumper. Now, we'll go ahead and turn on our taillights. You can see how it illuminates. You press the brake and it gets brighter, lighting up the LEDs behind the Ford logo. Here's our four-way flashers.

That will do it for the review of the Pilot Automotive Ford LED brake and taillight, part number CR-107F.

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