Phoenix USA Seasonal Tire Storage Bags Review

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Review of the Phoenix USA Seasonal Tire Storage Bags

Adam: Hi everyone. Adam at Today we're going to be taking a look at the Phoenix USA tire storage bags. These are going to be a great addition to your garage to get all those spare tires that you have off the ground and clean. These are brand new, and as you can see they're extremely dirty. They've just been sitting here in the back of the shed.

I didn't have them covered up. This way we can cover them up, put all the documents of when we bought them and stuff in this little pouch here. And it comes with a little tool bag and I have all of my lug nuts for this set of wheels all together. I know a lot of the times when I just have lug nuts sitting around in my garage, they usually walk off. So it's nice to have a little bag here to keep your lug nuts and your tires all in the same color bag.We also do have them in black here at etrailer, so if that's something that's going to go a little bit better with the scheme of your garage, go ahead and pick you up a pair of those.

So these storage bags are going to be able to fit tires up to 28 inches tall and 10 inches wide. So it's going to work for a lot of your passenger vehicle sizes. There are a couple that really won't work. As you can see back here, these are for a bigger pickup truck. It's got a lot of rubber on them.

Yes, they're 16 inch wheels, but all that tire around that rim isn't going to fit in there.So all of your passenger vehicles or sedans, whatever it may be, those standard tires will be able to fit in here. This is actually just a side by side tire, but you can use it for really anything. You're going to place the face of the wheel here and it does have a cushion pad. So it's going to protect the lip of your rim from any scratches or abrasions if you we're to toss them around a little bit, too. But it's going to fit in there just like so.Once you get all this out, we do have hook and loop all the way around.

Once you get them over like that, all you got to do just tighten all that up.We could do all that, and if you have any paperwork you can put that in there as well. It will be water tight so you don't have to worry about moisture getting in there. And it is going to have a hook and loop strap as well. We are going to have two holders so we can carry it around if we'd like whenever we're transporting them. And we also have a little strap here as well for those bigger tires that we can actually go around and make it a little bit more tight of a fit. So I can see these storage bags coming in handy in a couple of different instances. I don't necessarily mind looking at all my tires just because I know I'm going to use them. If you have a set of tires, you plan on selling, basically whenever you clean them, you don't want to have to redo all that work.So once you clean them, put them in the storage bag and there'll be just as clean the day that you cleaned them. So whenever somebody let you know that they're interested, there'll be ready to roll. Also, if you're going to a show or something like that and you have another pair of rims and tires you want to put on your car, you can take them out of this bag and they're going to be nice and clean and you don't have to worry about cleaning them on site. The other weekend I actually went ahead and leaf blowed out my garage, and all these tires got a thin film of dust on them. It's going to prevent all that dirtiness getting on your wheels as well. Well, everyone, that's just about going to do it for a look at the Phoenix USA tire storage bags.

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