Peterson Round Flush Mount Trailer Tail Light Installation

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How to Install the Peterson Round Flush Mount Trailer Tail Light

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Peterson flush mount red four inch round trailer tail light. Now, the total of four inches, overall it's four and a quarter, but some of that fits back in the gromit, this is going to be a really nice bright light that's incandescent, so we're dealing with just the standard bulb inside, the gromit around it which is also included kind of helps protect it from any of the shock, any of the vibrations and stuff like that. Really, we don't see the lights go out in these too often. It's more somebody's run into it our hit it with a shovel and broke it.Now, the lens itself is really durable, very, very strong and really hard to break. But if for some reason that we're to fail on you, not only do we have this in a kit which includes the pigtail, the gromit and the light, but each of them are available individually. You can buy just the light if you want to replace that.

If your gromit gets torn somehow you can replace just the gromit or also just the pigtail. Now, this is a very common light size. You're going to see holes in trailers designed for use with this gromit and light combination, but we also make a bracket, so if you don't want to maybe put a hole in your trailer, or if you're thinking of kind of a unique use for this light, there's a bracket that could actually be mounted right up on a piece of steel just like this. We could mount it down and it will accept the light and the gromit so we can make it work in many different applications.Now, a very common problem that we see is something like this. Either we've backed up, run into something, and we've broken the lens out of our tail light.

With the Peterson replacement kit, we're going to get the new ring, it's the ring that goes around the gromit, and of course over time with these rubber gromits, they start to get old and they start to get hard, a little bit brittle. So, it's nice that that comes as well as our light. It fits right in acting as a complete replacement, and we've got a pigtail too. Even if you're putting in new lights, you're going to have what you need to get them wired up, or if you're doing a replacement, it's likely you're not going to need this, you'll just pull out the old one and put the new one in.To do that, I like to use a screwdriver just right here on this outside edge and then just kind of pry it out of there. You might have to go around the outside a little bit.

Just going to get it started there. Eventually they'll come out. There's a little lip right here on this light, and that's what goes behind that lip on the gromit, so you just have to get that out. See, here's our plug. It actually wasn't even connected to our light, so it's a good thing we got in there.

We've got this old gromit, we'll get that out of the way. At that point a new gromit is going to go in and we need to get this far enough in so that our steel sits behind that lip. This steel is going to go right in and screw all the way around.You see, it kind of flattens that gromit out a little bit, that flange will sit there that flares out around the outside. Now we're going to take our new light and plug it in. If you don't already have wiring, the red wire needs to go to your turn and break signal, the white wire needs to go to the ground, and the black wire, it's going to go to your running light signal. Just get that plugged in. We'll push that all the way in. You can see there's a little alignment tab here and here. We'll push that all the way down until it makes contact with the back of our light. Now, to get it installed, I like to get one edge in there quite a ways. I just take some pressure and push it in all the way around, clean it up, it will be ready for use.Now, to test out our light, make sure our connections are good, we'll start by turning on our running lights, then we'll hit that turn signal. Now, if you're replacing others, you just go around, get those taken care of, we'll be ready to head down the road. That's going to complete our look at the Peterson four inch round trailer tail light.

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