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Peterson Mini Strobe Light Bar Review

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Review of the Peterson Mini Strobe Light Bar

Colin: Hey everyone. It's Colin here at Today we're going to take a look at the mini-strobe light from Peterson. Now this amber light bar is a great tool to have to put on top of your vehicle. Some common uses for it might be snowplowing, tow trucks, landscapers, or even if you're the lead or the follow in a wide load situation.Those aren't the only uses for it though. Really, if you just need to have a visible warning for people, it's a great thing to have to put on top of your vehicle to let them know to either go around you or just to warn them that you're working and to keep their distance.Now we're going to have 23 different flash patterns on our mini-LED bar.

Now a little tip is that the first flash pattern is going to be this one where it's a solid and consistent light. You'll have to scroll through all the way to get back to this stage. We'll just give you a few examples. You just press the button on the end of our plug and just switches the flash pattern up. You can scroll through, pick whatever one you think fits your application or your situation best and then leave it on that flash pattern.Now a couple things I really like about this light bar is that it does have the LED diodes so it is going to burn brighter than your incandescent bulbs.

It's going to last a lot longer. And, it's just going to be more efficient when using the power from your vehicle. So you're not going to have to worry about it draining your battery if you have it on for a long period of time. As long as your vehicle is running.Now another thing I really like about it is that if you do get the magnet kit, which is sold separately, it is removable from your rooftop. Which personally, if it's not ...

if I don't have a permanent work truck, I don't want it on top unless I'm actually working and using the light.Now the way we have it mounted right now on our vehicle is using the magnet kit. Which is sold separately. If you want to mount this to your vehicle using the magnets, you will have to pick that up separately here at Now without the magnet kit, it comes with the hardware to permanently mount it to your rooftop. So just keep in mind you will have to drill into your rooftop or wherever else you want to mount it.Now if I can take a second to just talk about the magnetic mounting kit, which is sold separately, what's really cool is that it's going to have a lot more secure hold than other magnetic mounts.

Simply because we have this silicone cup that is on top of our magnet. Kind of between the surface of the vehicle and the magnet. Not only is that going to protect the vehicle from any type of scratches or abrasions, but it's also going to kind of act as a mini suction cup.So you see when I try to pull up on it, it's just not coming up at all. But, it's simple to get it off if you need to. All we've got to do is grab this tab, pull up on it and let some air under there, and the magnet comes right up like so. And then you just do that on both sides. Once you get air in, then you can pull it off. And you can take a quick look at the bottom side. You just see that nice protection from the magnet to the vehicle.Now one thing you do want to keep in mind is that even though we have this 10 foot cord, it only comes with the magnet kit. So with the light itself, if you only have that and you're going to permanently mount it to your roof, you will have to run your own wiring and provide your own toggle switch to go to the different flash patterns. This is what's going to come with your light kit. And all we got to do is find the notch and plug that in. Now what you can do is just drill a third hold and feed that through your roof and then run your wiring wherever you see is fit.Now one option you do have if you have the magnet kit and you don't necessarily want to remove it maybe that day. You can just unplug it so you don't have that cord sticking on top of your roof. There's a little tab on the bottom side right here. Once we push down on that tab, we can unlock it and unplug our light. And we can just leave it sit right there and travel like that.Now like I said, you do have the 10 foot power cord which comes with the magnet kit. If you are using this to power your light, it is going to use the 12 volt accessory outlet in your vehicle. We're going to have two different switches on there. I'll show you how to use them real quick.Once we plug it into our 12 volt. The first switch with the red light on it, once we flip it, that's going to light up and tell us that our mini-strobe light is now turned on. The other button is going to be how we switch it through flash patterns. We just press it once and it'll go to the next pattern. And remember, if you do use the permanent mount and run your own wiring, you will have to provide your own switch to be able to cycle through the flash patterns.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the mini-strobe light from Peterson.

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