Peterson LumenX LED Trailer Tail Light with Grommet and Plug Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Peterson LumenX LED Trailer Tail Light with Grommet and Plug

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the Peterson LumenX LED oval tail light. Now, these are designed to work with the six inch oval lights, essentially. What I like about these lights compared to a lot of the other ones, they've got an LED for the backup light. So by running one additional wire and plugging it in here on the backside, anytime we hit reverse, we're going to have some light behind us to see and also indicate to people that we are backing up. Now, generally with trailers, when you're backing up at nighttime, a lot of times you'll keep your foot on the brake and just kind of drag the brake a little bit so it kind of lights up behind, at least that's a strategy I take.

I really like having some additional light back there for backing up.I've got a boat trailer that has a backup light on the back and it just really helps out anytime we pull up to a hotel, or a condo, or something and we try to get it backed into a spot. When that lights up behind us, it just makes it much easier to get backed in, know when you're getting close to something, not really have to rely on holding your foot on the brake gently and getting a little bit more light that way. So I think it's really cool. This is definitely something I would want to have on my trailer. I don't necessarily have a trailer that has these oval lights on it, so it doesn't do a lot for me, but I really like that idea.

Oftentimes, you'll see people that mount lights up here on their trailer or somewhere else to try to gain that, to try to get when they throw their vehicle in reverse, they're going to come on. So with it being built in like that, I think it's super solid.It's going to have our standard tail light function, which we have on here. It's going to give us our left or right turn signal, depending on which side we've mounted it on. It's going to give us our brake lights so we're not losing any function, we're just going to pick up that really nice feature of having that additional light as we try to back up. It's going to cast a little bit of light back there and help us out quite a bit.

Now, unlike most of these lights, it uses a unique plug. Most of these are going to have the three-prong plug that just kind of slides in on the back, and you see they've changed that up a little bit. This is going to use watertight connectors. They've got a rubber gasket all the way around. It's going to slide and clip in.This side is going to be for the normal signals, this one is going to be when you add in your reverse light signal.

So I really like these connectors, I really liked the way they work. The one negative I see to that is if we're just traveling down the road any given day and we back into something and bust this, this might be a little harder to find out and about with this unique style. Now, we could always wire another pigtail on there and fix it when we get home, so it wouldn't be the end of the world, but definitely keep that in mind. This does use a different connector than most of the other oval lights that we see.That's really why I feel like initially, on your first installation, it's a good idea to get the kit. It's going to have the new grommet in it, it's going to have both the pigtails that we need, we can wire them in. Then if you want to have one or two of these as backups, we sell just the light itself, which I kind of talk about a little bit more in the installation. But you can just very easily keep one of these stored in your trailer, so if you did happen to back into something or bust this somehow, you'd just pop that one out, put your connectors in this one and just push it right back in.The light also offers a fully weatherproof design, so regardless of the area you live in, you're never going to have to worry about any moisture getting inside of our light. It's sealed all the way around and then also our LEDs, they don't have the bulb and socket and stuff like that, so no moisture, no weather gets in there so you're never going to have an issue with corrosion. Unlike these with incandescent bulbs, that seems to always be an issue. Most of the times I've hooked up to a trailer with incandescent bulbs, it seems like one of them is always out.A couple of other advantages that you have with an LED style light over the older incandescent style lights, the first one and the most important one to me is there's no bulb and socket that corrodes and you have to figure that out each and every time you use the trailer. But the second, third, and fourth are that these are going to be a cleaner and brighter light. I think it really updates the look of the trailer. They last much longer, there's no filaments in there to deal with. When they get hot and cold, hot and cold, they always break from time to time. And the last one, they draw less energy. So as you can see, we've got quite a few lights on this trailer and it uses less energy than if we just had the standard incandescent lights on it. So several benefits to switching over to LEDs and kind of taking some of that load off the vehicle, they last longer. It's just a lot less of a pain when it comes to trailering.A lot of times when you hook up to a trailer and the lights don't work, you have to make the decision, do you want to spend the 30 or 45 minutes on fixing it, or head on down the road and just kind of roll the dice and hope you don't get caught But I think there's going to be a big advantage. I think you'll really like that additional light when it comes to backing up in low light. All in all, I think it's an excellent light and it's definitely something I would own if I had the right trailer for it.Now as we've talked about, the kit is going to contain the gasket. This is a better look at it here. It's going to have the light and it's going to have both the pigtails we need. One for the reverse signal, the other one for our turn, for our tail lights, for our brakes, and then a ground wire that comes off of that. Keep in mind, like we've talked about, if you only need the light, if you've already got your grommet and you've already got your pigtails to plug in, then you'll just pick up that separate part number. You can get just the light if you've damaged it or something. But the replacement is going to be the same. You just pop out the old one, you'll have your pigtails there, and in our case, we'll go through the whole kit, show you how to do the grommet.We'll bring our grommet around our pigtail there. Now we want to push it in and you can see how that grommet will kind of spread out, kind of fits in and around everything there. Once that's in, we've got our pigtail and this is going to the reverse signal coming from our 7-pole up front. Slide that in and then our other one here, we're going to have our ground wire that has a ring terminal on it. You ground that anywhere on the trailer, and then one of your wires here will go to your running light signal, the other one is going to go to the stop and turn signal. Now on a few of these other ones, when I've installed these, we had one black and one red. If you do have that, the red is going to be for your stop and turn, the black is going to be for the running lights. But then we just kind of maneuver it in there. See, sometimes those grommets want to suck in a little bit, so you just kind of hold out on it.After a little bit of time, that grommet will kind of seat in there, it kind of lays a little bit more flat. But that's really all there is to it guys. We're just going to head over to the other side, do the same thing and we'll get it tested out. Now you can either hook up to your tow vehicle, or in our case, we're just going to use our trailer tester here. Turn on the running lights, we got our left turn, got our right turn, got our brakes, and then we'll go to reverse for our backup lights. Everything working fine, you're ready to put your trailer to work.

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