Performance Tools 12V Jump Starter Power Bank Review

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Review of the Performance Tools 12V Jump Starter Power Bank

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Performance Tool Twelve Volt Jump Starter Power Bank, part number PTW1677. Well right here, we've got the battery pack itself. We'll start down here at the end. We've got the in-car vehicle charger, which you plug in right over here. We've also got some different cell phone chargers that you can plug into the USB port to charge your phone off of. Right here, we've got a charge cable that you can plug into either of these two outlets, and right here we've got some adapters in order for you to charge different DC powered devices such as laptops or tablets.

Then right here, we've got the jump starter cables. Then down here on the very end, we've got the convenient carrying case that comes with it. Then on this end we've got this port right here, which is your nineteen volt outlet, which will be good for charging things like laptops or larger devices. Then right here is that USB port that's good for charging things like cell phones and tablets. Then down here we've got our fifteen volt port which is good for charging little bit smaller items. Then this very one, down here on the end is the one that you want to plug your car charger into in order to charge the unit.

Then over here, is where we've got, where you plug the jumper cables into. Then right here is the flashlight. To operate the flashlight on the battery pack, you want to hold down the power button until it comes on. Then if you hit the power button once more, it goes into strobe mode. Hit it one more time, it does Morse code SOS. All right, here we've got a cell phone hooked up to it, so we can see that it is charging that cell phone right now.

It's also capable of charging a number of other things such as an iPod or any number of DC charged items. It does have overload protection, so if you try to draw too much power out of it, it will shut off. You want to avoid charging more than one item at the same time. Here on the front, we've got five little blue LED lights, which are our charge indicators. Right here we have the power button. You can hit that power button to check what your charge level is, but also in order to charge a device, you want to hit that and then you'll see the lights come on.

That will let you know you're charging. The last thing we're going to do is show you how to jump start your vehicle with this. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and hook the cables up. Once you have the cables hooked up, then you want to plug it to the device down here on the end. The reason why you want to hook the cables up first is because as soon as you plug this in to the battery pack, the cables go hot, and you want to make sure that you don't short anything out. Okay, let's go ahead and try our truck. Now you should be able to get about twenty jump starts from a fully charged battery pack. Once we run the battery down, we can hook it up to charge it in either our car or at home. This has a lithium ion battery and that's going to give us a nice, long battery life. That's going to complete our look at the Performance Tool Twelve Volt Jump Starter Power Bank, part number PTW1677.

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