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Performance Tool Roadside Emergency Kit Review

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Review of the Performance Tool Roadside Emergency Kit

Collin: Hey guys, it's Collin here with etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at a roadside kit from Performance Tool. So in this kit you can see it's nice and compact, fits in the trunk of your car. It's got a wide variety of handy tools that you can use to get yourself through any type of emergency situation that you might encounter. Now we're going to dive right in and show you guys the tools you're going to get in your kit. First thing I'm going to show you is we have an orange warning triangle, comes in two different pieces.

You just slide it together like so. It's got a lot of reflectors on it so you can set it behind your vehicle, maybe you're changing a tire on the side of the road. You just want to alert people that you are currently working in to avoid you if possible. So you can set this right back here.Now let's make our way over to this side of the car and I'll show you guys how to use the small air compressor that comes in our kit. Now if you find yourself in any situation where your tire pressure is pretty low and you don't feel comfortable driving far on it to get to a gas station or to your house where you can put some air in it, it does have a small air compressor that powers off of your 12 volt outlet in your vehicle.

Let me pull that out of the box. You can see it's nice and compact. We have a nice long cord so we can reach the 12 volt outlet and then get to any of our four tires to put air in them.So it's nice that it's actually showing me the PSI of my tire currently and as it airs it up, that needle will start moving up. This will get you a correct reading, and as soon as it's at the desired pressure, you just pull it off and then you're good to go. However, it does come with its own tire pressure gauge just in case you want to check the pressure of your tires without having to get your compressor out, unless you need to.

Just press it onto the valve stem. Pull it out right here. We've got our reading in kilograms and in PSI. The compressor also does come with some other attachment pieces like a needle right here, so in case need to air any sports equipment you can do so with the compressor.Now working our way up front, there's also a set of jumper cables included, so in case you need to jump your vehicle or maybe even you want to help someone in need to get their vehicle jumped, you can do so. Our positive and negative sides have nice tension on them.

Nice set of alligator teeth right there to make sure we got plenty of spots to connect it to our battery. So if this we're the case where we need to jump our car, first we would want to hook up our negative ground and then our positive. Now obviously, you want to make sure you're hooking up to the dead car first and then the other side. We got about eight feet in length to come over here. We can get a vehicle coming head on, we can talk up to the live battery to jump our car. Now, those are the big things that are included in your kit.There's a lot of other small tools in here that maybe in the moment you don't think you would ever need them, but then if you don't have them and you have an emergency come and you don't have that certain tool, you may find yourself in need of it. We've got a flashlight right here in case we're at night. We can search around in our engine bay if we need to maybe find our battery or look at something else inside. Like I said, just a bunch of random tools that you never know you could find yourself in use of, flathead screwdriver, electrical tape, even a set of bungee cords right here in case you need to hook something up. Maybe your trunk breaks and you need to hook it closed or maybe something on your bumper. You want to make sure you can get that connected to your vehicle and you get home.There's also a nice set of work gloves in here in case you broke down in the colder weather like we're experiencing right now and you want to keep your hands warm. Maybe you're just changing a spare tire and you don't really want to get your hands dirty. You can use the gloves for that. They do have nice rubber pieces all the way around it. See that beading right there It helps you with gripping your tools or your tire or whatever you might be doing.A couple of other things as well. Razor blade right here. Obviously we know what you can do with a blade. If you need to cut something, you have that option with this blade. I'll go ahead and close that back up. Then a set of zip ties as well. Like I said, you never know when you might find yourself in need of tools like this until you get into the moment where you need them. Then finally, a rain poncho as well, just in case it happens to be raining out and you need to jump your car. You can throw this poncho on to make sure that your clothes don't get completely soaked. The great thing about it is all those tools, the jumper cables included and the compressor all fit in this nice carrying bag. It's got nice cardboard support on the inside right here to help protect it from any impact and like I said, stores nice and easy in the trunk of your vehicle, in your backseat, wherever is convenient for you.One thing I do think that could be included in an emergency kit like this is some bandages or some medical emergency equipment just in case you find yourself and need to bandage a cut or something like that. There is another kit we sell here at etrailer from Orion. It does have bandages and some similar tools but no compressor. Now really overall, I think it's a nice little kit. Even though it's not the most high quality tools, it's definitely a kit I would get to throw in the back of my vehicle. Probably I'd honestly forget that it's there until I need it and then I'm able to grab the kit, grab whatever I might need out of the bag and then get my repair going and be on my way.

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