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Review of the Performance Tool Cordless Circuit Tester

Today we'll be taking a look at the Performance Tools Cordless Circuit Tester, part number PTW2979. Now this is going to be your Performance Tool Circuit Tester. It's going to be a handy little thing that's only about 6 inches long. It detects voltage from 3 volts all the way up to 28 volts. The nice thing about this is it's going to be cordless. It's going to use you as the ground so you're not going to need a wire or a clip with it.

It's going to be safe to use on ECMs, sensors, and transducers as well. It comes with 2 end type long term, long life batteries. Now here we'll go ahead and test it out. It does come with your probe as well, so if you like to just press that on to your wires and then probe your wires you can. If you have a four-pole like we do here, you can just remove that cover, hold it on the chrome or shiny part here. Then you're just going to touch the ground.

This is going to use you as a ground, so if we don't touch the ground, we're not going to get anything out of it. If we touch the ground with our finger with our freehand, you'll hear the audible beep as well as see the light flash. Now, if we let off that ground . So you'll know right away if you have a bad ground. That will do it for our review of the Performance Tools Cordless Circuit Tester, part number PTW2979..

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