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Performace Tool Folding Creeper Seat Demonstration

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Using the Performace Tool Folding Creeper Seat

Hey guys, Clayton here at Today we're going to be checking out the Performance Tool Creeper Seat. Now, when you think of a normal creeper, you're thinking of one like this where you lay down and you actually go underneath a vehicle. And these are awesome because this will make working on our vehicles a whole lot easier because we're not going to be crawling around on the ground getting our back all dirty, and it's going to be easier to get in and out. But whenever we're working on brakes, or anything in our wheel well it is kind of irritating because we're gonna have to kneel, sit, same thing, we're gonna get dirty especially if we're outside working. And working in the wheel well with our Performance Tool Creeper Seat, it's not gonna be a problem at all because we can simply roll up to our wheel well, or like I said if we're doing a brake job and we have our vehicle lifted up in the air, this is going to give us the perfect height to be working on anything.

And one awesome feature is we're gonna have this nice tool tray here on the bottom so you're not going to have to worry about losing that ten millimeter socket. So, we just reach down here and grab it and you're ready to work. Taking a closer look at our actual seat, our bottom tray is gonna be made out of a durable plastic, but it's also going to keep it nice and light so it's not too bulky whenever we're moving around. And as far as the actual seat is concerned, it is gonna to be a really thick pad it's definitely very comfortable, way better than setting on a ground. And a lot of the problems with creepers is, sometimes they are hard to move around on.

This one is pretty awesome. We're gonna have four castors, all with ball bearings, and they're gonna rotate 360. As you can see, it's pretty easy for me to move around, forward, backward, and side-to-side or any way you wanna move, this creeper seat is gonna do it. Now, one of the major concerns I had about this is yeah, it works great inside, but how is it gonna work outside on a rougher pavement Because a lot of times we're gonna have to work on our boat, our trailer, or even our vehicles outside in the driveway. So, let's see how this rolls around.

So, we can just turn around and start working. And as you can see, those wheels are gonna roll, no problem. And a really cool feature of our creeper seat is that it actually folds up. We just want to grab our tools off of the tray, And we'll turn it, and you just want to pull out on these tabs, and we'll rotate the whole thing underneath. Just like that, and that's gonna make it really easy to store.

We're gonna have this nice handle here, so it's gonna be easy to carry around, and we can even hang it on the wall by this brace. And if you're traveling to a job, this one is going to be really nice because we can just throw it in the back of our truck, and it's not going to take up all that much room. And whenever you're ready to use it again, we're just going to rotate this out, And pul our pins on the side, lock that into position, and now we're ready to work..

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